Kerry Parker: Vive Le Difference

There is no doubt that we are in a fashion recovery. Just look around!! After two years of lockdowns and restrictions, it is evident that lots of folks are getting their fashion sassy back.

The current “Feral Girls of Summer” fashion trend is a manifestation of young consumers’ desire to get their sexy fashion back. Still, there is yet much to be done and Kerry Parker is a UK-based brand that is primed and ready to bring a much-needed fashion oasis to a market ready for change and fashion brilliance.

Started as a fashion project for fashion marketing students, the brand still maintains its core fashion DNA of richly embellished garments that reflect the ever-evolving aesthetics of high-end streetwear. And though Kerry Parker initially concentrated on the accessory market, the brand has now evolved into producing ladies’ ready-to-wear dresses and wardrobe staples.

The brand’s core design team—Arpita Sarin and Bobo Meitei—have remained with the brand since its inception, other team members may stay for a collection or come and go as projects and collections morph. And since the brand focuses more on custom-made product over mass production, the ebb and flow of design staff works perfectly for Kerry Parker.

One of the directions that has set Kerry Parker above and ahead of other brands that have recently entered the fashion market is the brand’s dedication to sustainability. The brand’s focus on primarily custom-made product cuts down on the brand’s global energy footprint and carbon emissions. Additionally, Kerry Parker is also establishing itself as a vegan brand.

“Kerry Parker is a zero-waste project that uses solely vegan and cruelty free materials to manufacture its collection. A plethora of customization possibilities for anything and everything helps us blend pret-a-porter and haute couture into a segment that ensures a greater level of customer involvement. I feel that alone sets the young label apart from its closest competitors,” explains co-founder Arpita Sarin.

All these elements are a great storyline to this emerging brand, still, what makes Kerry Parker really stand out is its fashion products. With Kerry Parker, gloves are not just gloves, stockings are more than other pair of stockings, and shrugs, statement belts, and luxury graphic tees are not just accessories and staple items. All of their product is made with stunning attention to detail and embellished with whimsical, yet thoughtful details that not only makes the accessories statement pieces, but also brings that je ne sais quoi quality that defies trends, shifts in the economy, and the peripatetic tastes of fashionistas.

Images courtesy of CLD Style PR

In a market that is flooded by milquetoast product that is made more for mass consumption than unique perspectives on style and glamour, Kerry Parker is filling a much-needed void of fashion sensibility and panache. Arpita Sarin says it best,” Why be like everyone else, why not let your personal style reflect your desire to be different and stand out from the rest … We attempt to represent that consumer that is ready to go out and conquer the world and who is fearless in their fashion choices.”

Well, Kerry Parker, you are doing just that. Let the fashion gods be praised!! Vive le difference!!

—William S. Gooch

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