Be Yourself in Awkward Souls’ Whimsical Sneakers

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”—Oscar Wilde

We are solidly in the lazy, hazy, very hot days of summer. That said, these very hot days can influence you to wear very comfortable, unencumbered clothing. That is one way to beat the heat.

Still, the extreme heat should not cause you to forget about your style. And one way to demonstrate your summer style without layering is to beauty your feet with some stylish sneakers.

Introducing Awkward Souls, a female founded, socially conscious, and vegan brand of high fashion street sneakers. They have a Vans meets Balenciaga vibe, but with a soul rooted in welcoming whimsy and weirdness.

Award Souls prides itself on being a footwear brand that balances the importance of self-expression, inclusion, and community through its product and stunning creative direction. Even the name “Awkward Souls” is a whimsical play on the physical product and the emotional intent.

Image courtesy of Nouvelle Noir PR

In this summer of love, love yourself and the environment by including Awkward Souls sneaks into your summer wardrobe. With price points at $85 for all sneakers, you cannot go wrong. And these price points will not break the bank, like some luxury sneaks with a similar design aesthetic can do.

Fashion Reverie’s favorites are the ‘The Scoop’ white and pink sneakers. Let whimsy be your guide in this summer of love, adventure, and recovery.

And like Oscar Wilde so beautifully explained, “be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” Hmm, I guess we don’t have a choice. And that is a good thing.







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