Celebrities Who Are Fabulously Fashionable at 40

Age is just a number and there are some top celebrities that are proving this to be correct. Remember when turning 40 was a big deal and women would just hide, thinking their chances for any change to better their life was over? Well, that is no longer the case. It seems that every celeb approaching middle age is starting new projects, and best looks seem to peak right around that age. Which celebrities are making this age proud? 

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Kim Kardashian 

Kim K is leading the age 40 group since she turned the big 40 last year and showed us how it is done. She might be currently single but is certainly (still) taking over the world with her latest Fendi Skims collaboration. Being more gorgeous than ever makes it easier on other ladies to say, I am not that old!! 

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Beyoncé Just turned 40 in December of last year, and even though her behavior and habits seem to be a lot simpler these days, her fashion and looks are still incredible. A few days after her 40th birthday, she posted a photo with Jay Z on a yacht just looking happy. 

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Britney Spears

She has lots to celebrate given her conservatorship is over. Now she is happily in love and even mentioned that her abs are finally showing. She did mention earlier this year that she would want to have more children with her current fiancé. Looks like life is just starting. 

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Meghan Markle 

Whether you love her or hate her, Megan Markle has developed her own style and looks pretty good for someone who has allegedly gone through so much in the last few years. Do you think Meghan will really disappear from the public eye in her 40’s or will Netflix-like deals be more tempting to keep her in front of the public?

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Paris Hilton 

The definition of fabulous, this girl knows how to have fun and to entertain others. She has maintained her glamorous, youthful look for the last 15 years; therefore, age won’t hold Paris down. She has a wedding to look forward to and we love her newly acquired calm, cute energy. 

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Alessandra Ambrosio 

This mother of two and retired Victoria’s Secret Angel doesn’t look a day older since we have last seen her on the runway. She is often seen leaving workouts or sometimes a spa therefore let’s use her as little motivation for selfcare. 

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Jennifer Hudson 

We can’t wait to see what the Academy Awards-winner has planned for next year. She has mastered music, fashion, and has conquered Hollywood. That said, if we were to look at our crystal bowl Fashion Reverie sees many more successful projects and awards. 

—Tijana Ibrahimovic


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