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Menswear often plays a second fiddle to women’s wear. Just observe any red carpet. There is so much emphasis at what the female celebrities and very little attention is paid to what the male celebrities have on.

That is not the case at Fashion Reverie. Though there is more coverage of ladies’ fashion, we do give adequate voice to menswear. And if you are living on the East Coast and parts of the Midwest, it is time to start thinking about men’s outerwear, in particular fall and winter coats.


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BUGATCHI’s three-quarter navy coat $599

Depending on where you live a very heavy winter coat may not fit your fall/winter needs. Though temperatures are dropping, a heavy coat is just bit too much. Fashion Reverie has just the right coat for you!!

Founded in Montreal in the 1980s, this Canadian brand prides itself on its expertise in prints and colors gives the brand a unique place in today’s fashion market. BUGATCHI’s desire to incorporate innovative and novel fabrications has led to the development of the revolutionary OoohCotton® Technology. This technology has revolutionized performance shirting precisely because it combines sought after performance and functionality with the additional comfort of cotton. 

Bugatchi has some transitional coats to tie you over until it gets very cold. Or perhaps, you live in a climate where a lighter coat will serve you just fine. Bugatchi three-quarter navy coat with hood, plaid check lining, patch pockets and zipper and snap closure is the perfect men’s outerwear coat that fits the bill if you are in the market for a stylish coat that is not too heavy.

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Rick Owens’ Puffer Coat $1450

Rick Owens has set a standard for his avant-garde designs and expanding the fashion industry’s design aesthetic. While many of his collections are comprised of garments that appeal to the consumer who has a palette for non-traditional look, Rick Owens does have some garments that can appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Owen’s puffer coat is a must for that male consumer that wants to make a statement while staying insulated from the cold. Owens ingeniously taps into an ever-growing trend of male consumers who embrace bold color. Owens’ puffer coat come in a bold orange hue. This puffer coat comes with a full satin lining and rib knit cuffs, and has a parachute, sleeping bag aesthetic.

If this fall/winter coat is your coat choice, you are going to have dig deep into your pocket. It retails for about $1450.

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Banana Republic’s Grey Herringbone Melton Topcoat $399

Everybody loves a topcoat. And if you are in the market for a great topcoat that is not going to break the bank, Banana Republic has the topcoat for you!! This topcoat is a blend of textiles, 72% wool, 21% nylon, and 7% polyester fabric. Linings are a blend of rayon/poly for the back, rayon/cotton for the front, and poly/cupro for the sleeves. The Herringbone pattern is noticeable, but it’s not a full black versus white pattern.

And this topcoat is a great investment. Because of the various fabric blends this topcoat wears well and can be worn a lot. You can also dress this coat up or dress it down. What more could you ask for!!

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J. Crew’s Ludlow Car Coat in Wool Blend $368

J. Crew is another household name brand that is offering a great coat this season at an affordable. Though J. Crew’s Ludlow Car Coat comes in a traditional menswear silhouette, the fabricated pattern incorporates a great blend of color that will appeal to the modern male consumer.

This coat is 42% wool, 41% polyester, 17% acrylic fabric is super soft, and the checkered pattern is eye-catching and is sure to get you noticed.

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Sacai x Kaws $2,000

Who says that your winter coat has to be the traditional colors of black, grey, brown or blue? Why not a risk this season and add lots of bold color. If you are adventurous, then Fashion Reverie has the perfect for you.

The outlandish Sacai x Kaws coat, emblazoned by a multi-colored print and employs sumptuous luxe fabrics such as satin and shearling for the trim of its hood. This colorful down coat is weatherproof with PrimaLoft fillings. Again, you are going to have to dig deep into your pockets, but this coat is worth it!!

—William S. Gooch

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