Men’s Fall 2021 Watches with Style and Heritage

Time is one of the few constants in life, but, as the adage goes, it waits for no one. From the earliest obelisks and sundials in ancient Egypt, to 14th century European hourglasses, to today’s tourbillons, man has been trying to keep up with, and keep track of time. At Fashion Reverie, we like to do everything fashionably. So, if you’re looking for some new wrist candy, we’ve assembled a list of timepieces guaranteed to keep your eye on the clock.

Talley and Twine

Since launching in 2014, Talley and Twine have the recognition of being the largest Black-owned luxury watch company. Named after a formerly dangerous intersection in Virginia, the brand represents the new vision of that revitalized neighborhood—a bright future. The brand has partnered with a number of organizations across the nation in an effort to promote health and well-being, and strengthen local communities.

The moderately priced timepieces (ranging from $135-$235, and up to $410 for a couple’s set) come in metal, leather, and canvas band selections. You can even buy additional bands to give your watch as many options as your mood or wardrobe will allow. The watch faces are distinctly void of any numbers on the dial, except for the number 7. To company founder Randy Williams, the number seven represents completion, as there are seven days in the week. Seven also serves as a reminder to finish what you start. Now in its seventh year of existence, Talley and Twine is off to great start, and they are nowhere near finished yet.


Bucherer is more than just a fancy watch company. They also specialize in fine jewelry, and since acquiring the Tourneau brand, Bucherer has become a retailer of other high-end and luxury watch brands. Founded in 1888, and still completely owned by the Bucherer family, the Carl F. Bucherer company is one of Switzerland’s oldest watchmaking brands continuously operated by the founding family.

With almost 150 years of longevity, Bucherer has made innovative strides in the advancement of chronometers. The brand offers simple quartz movement wristwatches as well as watches with advanced floating tourbillons. With prices ranging from $1,850 for their Adamavi to well over $400,000 for a limited edition, white gold and diamond encrusted Pathos, you have a wide range to select from, whether you’re just entering the luxury watch market or if you’re an avid collector.

Verdure Watches 199.99-574.99

Verdure Watches was founded by Eddie Johnson in 2012, but his love for timepieces has comes from observing that same adoration within his father and grandfather. Johnson became intrigued at an early age, and soon began sketching his own watch designs. His motto for Verdure is “Time Well Spent,” and it has been a proven mantra. Johnson has spent his time honing the three values of his company—beauty, precision, and longevity.

One of Verdure’s most popular pieces is the Brown Excellence watch from its Sophomore Collection. Outfitted with a brown leather strap and gold case, this watch evokes the vibe of an old school businessman. This is coupled with a partially open face allowing you to view the mechanisms below. This watch, priced at $349.99, is perfect got the gentleman who has a classic sense of style and an affinity for fine workmanship.


Sometimes the decreased sunlight and chilly air of autumn can affect our mood. But you can begin to turn that around with little pops of color in your wardrobe, including on your wrist. Doxa offers a plethora of color options for their watch faces and rubber wristbands. Starting at $950, and with interchangeable watch bands and bracelets, your outfit color coordination is unstoppable.

Christophe Claret

Christophe Claret is a maverick of watch design. The company always seeks to create new ways of displaying time in an artful way. From watches that have hidden messages to watches that also play card games, this watch brand designs some to the most innovative timepieces you’ll ever see. One of the most mind-blowing creations is the X-TREM-1, a watch that defies the conventional framework of watches. Rather than use a digital or analog display, the X-TREM-1 tells time via two magnetic balls encased in clear tubing on either side of the watch face—one side for the hour, the other for the minutes. What makes this even more interesting is that magnets usually interfere with the accuracy of watches. For a watch that cost over $265,000, I’m sure the brand figured out how to keep everything running smoothly.


Asorock is another watch brand with community at heart. Named after the breathtaking mountains in central Nigeria, the company was started by two young entrepreneurs, Nigerian-American Ben Iroala and Zambian-American Andre Mutale, with the aim of providing customers with watches made of high-grade components at a price point less than half of their competitors. At the same time, a portion of each purchase is put towards the construction of a library within their anticipated youth complex in a village in Nigeria.

Owning an Asorock watch is a commitment to style and an investment in Africa’s youth. Their SpeedRacer watch is far from a cookie-cutter minimalist design. With a distinct look and quality you can feel, and an affordable price tag of $125, its rugged design is made to match the round-the-clock hustle of the man on the go.


Simple and classic, Carpenter Watches specializes in timepieces that are timeless. Their watches are not overly fussy, and the watches give you a sense that it will someday make a great family heirloom. With each subcategory limited to 250 pieces, and priced at $895, you are guaranteed to have a stately watch that will garner attention and admiration.

All watch images courtesy of their respective brands


No watch list would be complete without the Rolex. Its name recognition seems to epitomize the pinnacle of luxury watches. Highly regarded by world leaders, titans of industry, and celebrities alike, the brand has become synonymous with wealth, stature, and success. It’s somewhat prohibitive cost also makes it a rare purchase for the average person.

Recently, a US Air Force veteran appeared on “Antiques Roadshow” with a Rolex he bought for $345 while stationed in Thailand in the 1970’s. He kept the watch, and all of the original paperwork, in a safe deposit box for nearly 40 years. On the show, he found out that his watch could be sold at auction for up to $700,000. Now that’s what Fashion Reverie calls a return on your investment! If you’re not ready to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for a Rolex, you can start with an introductory piece—the Oyster Perpetual. Starting at under $6,000, it’s a solid way to affirm your affinity for quality timepieces.

—Carl Ayers

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