The Top Beauty Trends from New York, Milan, London, and Paris Fashion Weeks

Despite COVID-19, fashion did not leave the building, well, not exactly. However, after many virtual shows, we’re so excited for in-person fashion and the beauty looks that go with them.  Talented artists and stylists welcomed back fashionistas from all over by crafting clean, glowing complexions, as well as adding lot of charm and a touch of playfulness this season.  From classic red lips to sculptural braids, it was clear that designers, stylists and artists wanted to enhance the models’ natural beauty with a little pop.

Fashion Reverie has rounded up some of the top beauty trends from fashion weeks in New York to Paris.  Let these spring 2022 collections inspire you to have a little fun with your look too.

Christian Siriano spring 2022 images courtesy of

Snaking Braids

Christian Siriano’s whimsical braids added a touch of fun to the runway. Jawaraw for Dyson pulled the hair back with tiny braids snaking from the hairline to the crown of the head and into a larger braid.  These larger braids were styled with colored ribbons woven into the hair and wires to complement the structure in Siriano’s spring 2022 collection in New York.

If you’re not quite daring enough to weave some wire and give your braid a unique standout shape, try recreating the gorgeous smaller braids on top and putting the rest of your hair into a low sleek bun for an edgy, elegant style that’s sure to wow!

Loewe image courtesy of

A Touch of Pink

Paris shows in particular had everyone thinking pink.  This gorgeous hue adds a touch of cotton candy whimsy to hair, a bold look to eyes, and a sweetness on lips and cheeks. 

Weinsanto tickled the runways pink with neon braided heart crowns designed by hairstylist Kevin Jacotot and touches of pink around the eyes, on the lips and cheeks, by makeup artist Dyna Dagger.  One of our favorite pink looks from the show was a black to pink ombre lip look, a nod to ombre beauty trends from a few seasons ago.

Loewe also had us enamored by pink with models in bowl cut wigs in different shades from crimson and cobalt, but it’s the pink shade that caught our attention.  Hairstylist Guido Palau teamed up with colorists in Milan to create the look.  The pink tinted wig was paired with light pink lips for a pale bubble gum touch.  Even if you’re not looking to sport the same hairdo, if you’re looking to make a change, a soft pink adds a little romance to your style.

Monse spring 2022 images courtesy of Filippo Fior

Strong Brows

The runways at Monse’s NYFW Resort collection featured models with gorgeous skin, graphic eyeliner and very strong brows.  Charlie Riddle, Global Beauty Director of the Stila cosmetic brand, created the beauty look to play up the collection full of colorful knits and handkerchief hems.

 Season after season eyebrows are taking center stage and we’re not complaining one bit!

Alice + Olivia images courtesy of

Barrettes on Barrettes

As always, Alice + Olivia added a little extra charm and a dose of glamour with half a dozen pearl and crystal barrettes in slicked back ‘dos with middle parts.  After a year and a half of dressing for ZOOM calls, these accessories are just what we needed for fast, yet super luxurious style. 

If you’re layering barrettes at home, follow this runway trend by mixing and matching different shapes, sizes and textures for added interest.  You can’t go wrong with crystals, rhinestones or pearls either for a little elegance.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Graylock for Jason Wu Beauty

Classic Red Lips

Jason Wu’s signature red lip was created by Diane Kendal for Jason Wu Beauty to add a pop to the radiant look and effortlessly gorgeous skin.  Kendal recommends starting with a lip mask to keep the lips hydrated.  She used Wu’s Everyday Lip Mask formulated with natural vitamin E, squalane, sunflower seed and jojoba seed oil for smooth, supple pouts.  Kendal then swiped on Wu’s Honey Fluff, a whipped matte lip cream in the shade Hot Apple for those look-at-me lips.

Michael Kors also played up a scarlet lip for spring 2022.  After all, a red lip has always been the easiest way to instantly add a touch of drama to a look, and this season at NYFW, red looked as fresh and youthful as ever paired with gorgeous clean skin and minimal eye makeup.

Saint Laurent images courtesy of

While in Paris, Saint Laurent’s show featured bold red lips and not much else.  With many models’ eyes hidden behind large dark sunglasses, those ruby pouts took center stage.

Sun-Kissed Complexions

M.A.C artist Allie Smith recreated glowing tan complexions for Collina Strada, illuminating the high points of the ears and hands with touches of glitter and color.   The look worked well with Collina Strada’s garden show, but the look also a great way to look like you just came back from a tropical vacation … even if you haven’t made it further than your kitchen this year.

While the look at the show was reminiscent of a fairy garden, a beautiful, bronzed glow is always in fashion … you can skip highlighting the tops of your ears to look a little less mystical if that’s not the look you’re going for.

 Dennis Basso spring 2022 images courtesy of

Double Winged and Smoky Eyes

Whether it was dark, sultry, smoky eyes in New York at Dennis Basso or Dior’s double wings in Paris, bold eyes are clearly in for summer 2022. 

To get the double winged look at Dior, makeup artist Peter Philips created two mini flicks on both the models upper and lower lash lines.

Halpern spring 2022 images courtesy of

In London, Halpern sent models with black and white cat eyes down the runway.  This dramatic winged look was thanks to artist Daniel Sallstrom and featured a white wing encased by two black ones on either side extending from the inner eye to the corner of the outer eye.

If you’re feeling a bit less precise, try a smoky eye.  This popular look has come back around (not that it was every truly gone!) and was featured on multiple runways from Altuzzara to Dennis Basso.  If you haven’t mastered the smoky look, now is the time to learn!

Laquan Smith spring 2022 images courtesy of

A Touch of Glitter & ‘90s Glam

This bold beauty trend is no surprise as searches for glitter makeup in particular have increased over 400% since February 2020.  It’s clear that fun with makeup, particularly bold and shimmery makeup, is on the rise.

Late ‘90s and Y2K beauty has certainly come back!  From tiny braids and hair charms to lip gloss and lots of glitter!  Blumarine graced Milan fashion week with extra shiny, glossy lips, body glitter and hair glitter.  While no one embraced the trend as much as the Bluemarine models, Marni also styled glitter ‘dos in shades of blue into mohawks for hair that stood on end, but still didn’t take away from the fashion!

Glitter lids were in shades of black, crimson or sapphire were also found in New York at Laquan Smith.  Makeup artists Jasmin Winnie Stephen and Sheika Daley crafted glitzy cat eyes for a little drama.

Alice + Olivia images courtesy of

Diamond Dripping Manicures

If you love a little bling on your manicure, you’re not alone.  Alice + Olivia showcased dazzling nails with “diamonds” (ok, they might have been rhinestones) going all the way down the nail and hanging off the tip.  Alicia Torello created these accent nails to accompany a few other embellished digits. 

If you’re looking to recreate the look, start by polishing the nails in OPI Nail Lacquer in Black Onyx or Alpine Snow then add on the embellishments, in this case when it comes to a fun manicure, more is more!

No matter what you have planned the rest of the year and into next spring, these runway looks will allow you to quickly and easily change up your look.  So, throw on a few hair clips, swipe some red lipstick and brush those brows and get ready to wow. 

Fashion Week trends have never been this easy to recreate and still make such an impact!

—Janine Silver


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