Beauty at Jason Wu: Easy Breezy Makeup for Everyday

JASON WU Spring 2022 Collection during New York Fashion Week held at 511 West 21st Street in New York City, Friday, September 10, 2021. Photo by Jennifer

When it comes to an easy beauty routine, it’s all about the right products.  Jason Wu’s line of clean beauty crayons, pencils and more are perfectly creamy and gorgeously pigmented. 

Everyday beauty has been slowly changing.  Thanks to virtual work and ZOOM interactions (hello beauty filter), many people have opted to simplify their makeup routine.  Now as some offices are welcoming staffers back, and more people are going out and socializing again, many people are sticking to a condensed makeup routine.  Not only does a 5-minute routine save you precious snoozing time in the morning, but by not applying a full face of makeup, you let the real you shine through, even more.  Now that’s something to celebrate!


Hot Fluff & Honey Fluff

Jason Wu Beauty’s Hot Fluff, a matte lipstick, is light as air and made from a vegan formula so it’s completely animal friendly.  This highly pigmented lipstick allows you to transform your look with just a quick swipe.  Not a lipstick person? Check out Honey Fluff, a light matte lip cream.  Jason Wu featured a signature red lip at his September New York Fashion Week Show using Honey Fluff in Hot Apple (currently available on pre-order).  Either product is amazing as it can be applied to your lips, eyelids or checks for an instant polished look.  It’s the ideal lipstick (or lip cream) to keep in your purse or next to your computer for a quick virtual meeting touch-up.  A 3-in-1 product is always a major time saver and the tiny tube can easily be tucked away in even the smallest of purses. 

Jewel Sticks

Looking for another product you can apply in seconds to look put together?  Jason Wu’s Jewel Stick is a creamy and luxurious eyeshadow stick for fast beauty.  Just like the Hot Fluff, these crayons are highly pigmented with an insane amount of gorgeous shimmer. In fact, not one but four different shades of Jewel Sticks were seen on Jason Wu’s runway featured in the pale purple and dazzling green shadow look lead artist Diane Kendal created for the show.

To recreate the runway looks at home, follow Kendal’s lead.  For the gorgeous green eyes, apply Jewel Sticks in shades Green Pearl and Solid White to the crease of your eyes.  For the beautiful purple look, Kendal mixed the shades Purple Pearl, Solid White, and Pink Pearl from the crease extending to the temple.  Both looks had an 8-hour cream gloss on top for a little something extra!

Want something that looks amazing from day to night? We recommend the Sunset Pearl, a highly pigmented metallic copper hue that reflects the light beautifully.  Just drag the eyeshadow stick across your eyelids for a dose of instant glamour at the workplace or brunch, and it will look just as fantastic for cocktails later. 

Images courtesy of Jason Wu

Magic Matte Oil

As with any beauty line, there is always one product that really gets everyone excited.  With Jason Wu’s collection, our team of editors could not wait to try the Magic Matte Oil.   According to the package, “this magical oil transforms your face from oily to matte instantly.” Not only does this product do exactly what it claims to, but it also goes on powder soft.  If you’ve ever applied all your makeup and stepped out in the humidity, then you know how amazing a product that minimizes the look of oil and sweat is.  This is really the perfect way to keep your face shine-free all day and night long; our new secret weapon.

These three products will have you feeling confident and ready to take on your day in no time! Wear them alone for a super-fast, easy-breezy look or with your other favorite—either way, you really can’t go wrong.

Be sure to check out Jason Wu Beauty’s full line including a vegan liquid eyeliner, neutral shadows perfect for any complexion, liners and more available at

—Janine Silver

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