Men’s 2021 Summer Exotic and Vintage Fragrances

Attraction is a multi-sensory experience. Of course, there’s the visual attraction, and the attraction to the sound of someone’s voice, but there’s also the most inconspicuous attraction to someone’s smell—which is often a combination of their personal scent, pheromones, and the cologne or perfume they’re wearing.  As the weather temperatures begin to rise, so does our interest in attracting, and being attracted to, new … explorations and opportunities.

Fellas, the ladies are going to enjoy their “hot girl summer,” so why can’t we get in on the fun? To help keep you on top of your A game, Fashion Reverie is preparing a few guides to help you smell, look, and feel your best. Our tips are helpful year round, but we’re not about to let the summer slide by without getting a piece of the action. Let’s give them something to remember us by.

Pasha de Cartier Edition Noire

Men often categorize their colognes as everyday wear or special occasion. The special occasion fragrances are meant to have an impressive impact when encountered, like a nice surprise to the nose. But the everyday fragrances tend to evoke a notion of familiarity—one that’s not shocking, but rather welcoming.  With Pasha de Cartier Edition Noire, you get the best of both worlds. It has light and airy top notes of citrus and powder, making it appropriate as a daytime scent.  But the bottom notes of wood and spice give it a mature, masculine, nighttime appeal that draws you in for a second smell.

Chris Collins Oud Galoré

Oud, made from agarwood, is sign of prestige in the Middle East and Asia. Among businessmen, the strong scent is used to convey wealth and status. But the fragrant oil is as closely tied to sensuality as it is to power. Former Ralph Lauren model turned perfumer Chris Collins has bottled the dark, sultry, intoxicating aroma into his Oud Galoré. Collins describes the fragrance as “oud entwined with hot clove and aphrodisiac cinnamon. There is love at first sight with the orris tones, but ciste labdanum and incense fill this fragrance with a mystic and enigmatic side. The woody tones of Copahu balm, patchouli and sandalwood complete this fragrance with rebellion and warmness.” The spicy complexity of the fragrance will leave it, and memories of you, lingering on the palate for days on end.

Anthony Hopkins AH

File this under unexpected. Legendary British actor Sir Anthony Hopkins has released a fragrance simply called AH. With an even-handed mixture headed by bergamot, ginger, and pink pepper coupled with orange blossom, jasmine, and rose middle notes, and grounded by musk, patchouli, and honey, this a unisex floral fragrance. Better known for fava beans and a nice chianti rather than eau de parfum, Hopkins has partnered with No Kid Hungry, a national campaign dedicated to ending childhood hunger in America. A portion of each sale of AH will be donated to No Kid Hungry, with a minimum commitment of $50,000.

Judith Leiber More is More! For Him

In another shocking twist, the creative team of famed handbag and jewelry designer Judith Leiber has turned their noses towards men. In a concept as whimsical as Leiber’s handbags, this fragrance is seven options in one bottle. The bottle houses three distinct scents—more leather! (black pepper, lemon, leather, patchouli, and cashmere wood); more marine! (sea notes, apple, cedar, patchouli and amber), and more spice! (saffron, lemon, ginger, lavender, vetiver and amber.) With a swipe of a finger, you can select or deselect which scents you want to spray, giving you seven singular or combination choices. Swipe. Mix. Create. Do you and repeat. More is more! Your fragrance, your way.

Penhaligons Racquets

In a turn of events, Penhaligons has (re)launched Racquets, a new version of the 1989 fragrance that was discontinued in 2013. The scent takes its inspiration from the tennis courts and the clubs that house them. The brand describes it as “tenacious, uplifting, invigorating—and that’s before one steps onto the court. Bright, bouncing lemon doubles up with strapping leather in this sparkling eau de parfum.” The lemon top notes give way to a body of guaiac wood, footed by ambroxan and leather. Penhaligon’s scents are based on time-honored recipes for bringing the elegance of old money into the world of today. With that hallmark, it’s no surprise that the original version of Racquets was so popular, and no surprise that it was brought back and modernized for a new set of customers to enjoy.

Carven C’est Paris Pour Homme

Carven, one of the world’s most famous couture houses, has released its newest men’s fragrance, C’est Paris Pour Homme. It is intended to intimate a love story with Paris, but it ingredients reflect regions from around the globe. The fragrance opens with Argentinian lemon, Italian cypress, and Moroccan rosemary followed by French lavender, hazelnut, and Egyptian violet leaf. The bottom notes are of Virginia cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, moss, and European rock rose. This fragrance takes you on a trip around the world, but it is quintessentially Parisian love.

Azzaro The Most Wanted Eau de Parfum Intense

The latest fragrance from Azzaro is ‘The Most Wanted’ eau de parfum intense; and intense it is. This spicy scent is made for the most daring of men. On the surface, its cords seem simple- cardamom, caramel, and amber, but each one gives way to complexities underneath. The cardamom is spicy, green, and lemony. The caramel presents as vanilla, burnt sugar, milky notes. The amber wood has accords of vetiver and bourbon. Compiling all of these touches into one strong fragrance can be a gamble, but this scent is made for the risk-taker in all of us.

Images courtesy of their respective brands

Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue

Montblanc, named for the mountain peak in the Alps that lies along the French-Italian border, has released a scent that reflects European living during the summer months. Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue is a blend of citrus and marine accords. With its top notes of Italian bergamot, citrus, and pink pepper, buoyed by marine and ambergris mid notes, and anchored by patchouli, leather, and wood notes, this scent is reflective of the spending the season aboard your private yacht, leisurely sailing from one port to another. The mountain peak Mont Blanc may be known for its dangerous winter snow caps, but the fragrance will be revered for the depth of its summertime tranquility.


—Carl Ayers

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