Beauty Pick: Solvasa – A Pioneer in the “Higher Order Beauty” Integrative Beauty Space

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Fashion Reverie spoke with Dr. Chris Caires, the recently appointed President of Solvasa, a player in Integrative Beauty, to learn more about this growing movement. Dr. Caires was previously the chief scientist and innovation officer at Perricone MD.  At Solvasa, his focus is on creating a new range of beauty products and getting the word out about how an Integrative Beauty lifestyle promotes overall wellness, reduces inflammation, and the signs of aging. He is a firm believer that an inflammatory lifestyle, “higher order beauty,” has lifelong benefits, regardless of one’s age. Dr. Caries also breaks-down the key products we need to help us feel our very best.

Fashion Reverie: What does the name Solvasa mean?

Dr. Caires: The “Sol” is sun and “Vasa” is light.  Put together, Solvasa means “vessel of light.”

FR:  What is “Integrative Beauty” and what piqued your interest in it?

Dr. Caires: To achieve maximum beauty, you cannot just look at it through a one-dimensional lens. It’s not just the one product that does everything, that is a very American way of looking at it (beauty). There are no beautiful sick people. When you are very healthy, you naturally look good. Fitness trainer and pregnant women have that glow. A jar can support it for sure, but you need to combine your practices and exercise, too.

FR: Who is the Solvasa customer?

Dr. Caires: People who are looking for a more personal relationship with their beauty regimen, who want to be part of a community. They are fatigued by the rat race of the beauty question that is not answered by simply using a new jar of cream.  We’re for people who are curious. We offer them tools: mindfulness content, how to journal and build in little routines without being preachy.

FR: What’s the secret formula?

Dr. Caires: You must be well, eat well, decrease stress in your life, sleep well, and consume products that help your body. This wellness formula makes sense to me. The challenges and the opportunities are, “how do we present it as a package?” At Solvasa, we strive to put this all together and teach people how to implement it.

FR:  Why is this the right time for a brand like Solvasa?

Dr. Caires: People want more and more. Solvasa is for someone who recognizes that beauty is part of their lifestyle and is looking for a one-stop shop. Lots of women are moving to online to get their beauty products. Many of them have the kids home and there’s a different stress. People are appreciating the community; that’s a big part of direct selling. We have a community of different groups.  There’s a Thursday night that I speak at, Saturday meetings, and monthly podcasts that are speaker sessions.

FR: What Solvasa regimen can we incorporate to feel great?

Dr. Caires: Massage and lymphatic drainage are key to beautiful skin. The vibration of the Crystal Energy Wand and the pressure it puts on the skin agitate the lymph nodes to get things loose and sweep it out. The wand is rounded but it doesn’t roll, so you need a serum to provide lubrication. Our Destressance serum+ glide provides the needed lubrication and is rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients. It contains Western peptides and Ashwagandha, an Eastern medicine.

There’s scientific evidence to show these things fight inflammation, which causes a lot of wear and tear on the body. The serum is focused on helping the skin be more resilient to the stress coming from the outside and inside. The lymphatic drainage is a pleasurable experience regardless of age. Pair this with incorporating a mindful moment practice into your day and drinking our Golden Moment Tumeric Elixir beverage, which also helps address inflammation from the inside.

All images courtesy of Solvasa

FR: What products can we look forward to later this year?

Dr. Caires: We’re coming out for a proper sunscreen very soon that’s mineral based. It has great protection and is non-whitening. I’m a big fan of mineral sunscreens, they’re infinitely safer that chemical sunscreens.

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—Vivian Kelly


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