“Fashion Reverie Talks”: Episode 13

 For a lot of folks 13 is not a lucky number. Not so, for “Fashion Reverie Talks”: Episode 13. For “Fashion Reverie Talks,” the number 13 signifies that we are doing something right.

“Fashion Reverie Talks” launched in August of 2020 and six months later we are still here, despite a health pandemic that doesn’t seem to be going away, quite yet, and American insurrection, and the not-so-normal which is becoming the normal. Who would’ve thunk?

That said, in this episode 13, co-hosts Carl Ayers, Tijana Ibrahimovic, and Cicily Daniels bring to viewers an exciting episode that looks at fashion collaborations in 2021, models in 2021 that we should be paying attention to, and the unsung heroes of the fashion industry, black fashion designers. And true to form, “Fashion Reverie Talks” never leave out current fashion news.

Whew, that’s a lot!! Don’t fret, all this information is distilled to our viewers with charm, wit, and insightful detail. “Fashion Reverie Talks” not only keeps you informed; we also keep you entertained. Could you ask for more, hmm, probably not!!


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