Valentine’s Day Beauty for Any Type of Date Night

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With some restaurants opening at ¼ capacity and many closed for good, Valentine’s Day might be looking a little different for many this year.  Just because you might not be able to enjoy a fine meal or your other favorite date night activity with your partner, doesn’t mean it can’t still be a great date night!

No matter if you’re preparing to snuggle up on the sofa with takeout, cook a nice dinner at home or manage to score a hard to get reservation, Fashion Reverie has got you covered with some of our favorite beauty routines for any romantic night.

Libido Boosting Fragrances

Scent is a very personal thing, and we all have different opinions when it comes to fragrances.  The most powerful thing about scent is how it links directly into memories—whether that be something innocent like your grandmother’s house or sparks desire reminding you of a current (or former) lover. However, several scents have been traditionally linked to arousal. 

Jasmine, one of the foundations of the perfume industry, has long been touted in Hindu and Muslim traditions as a natural aphrodisiac.  With its delicate and sweet floral scent, it’s no surprise that women have been using Jasmine to catch the attention of a potential suitor for ages.

Many perfumers use Jasmine because of its wide appeal and according to studies done in 2015, proven libido boosting power.

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Le Labo Jasmin 17 Eau de Parfum ($192.00)

Byredo Flowerhead Eau de Parfum ($180.00)

Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum ($170.00)

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Ambrette, a botanical musk native to Asia and Australia has a very complex scent profile often described as sweet, nutty, musky with hints of cognac.  Ambrette for a time was many perfumers’ top plant alternative for replicating animal musk and has long been used for its arousing qualities. 

Matiere Premiere Parisian Musc ($224.00)

Zadig & Voltaire Tome 2 La Légèreté ($88.00)

Looking for some other sexy fragrance profiles?  Citrus (such as burnt orange), saffron, ginger, and sandalwood all will help add a little spice to your night!

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Touchable Skincare

If you live in a colder climate, you’ve probably noticed that as the weather gets colder your skin craves more and more moisture.  Keep your skin nice and hydrated with shea butter.

Thanks to its high concentrations of fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins, shea butter is highly praised for keeping skin soft and supple.  Shea butter has multiple benefits and is also praised for plumping the skin, fading scars and age spots, soothing skin allergies, reducing wrinkles, stimulating collagen production, preventing stretch marks and many more.  Plus, it’s non-comedogenic, meaning shea butter won’t clog your pores.

Shea butter is ideal for getting ready for Valentine’s Day, so you have soft touchable skin. Be aware that Shea butter is made from the shea nut so those with tree nut allergies might want to consult a healthcare professional before adding it into their skincare routine.

L’Occitane en Provence recently launched their Limited-edition Invigorating Shea Butter collection.  This collection boasts the same softening and skin healing properties of their best-selling Shea Butter range, but with a new scent to help “fight the winter blues and boost your mood.”  With a subtle, tantalizing citrusy scent, their entire line will lift your spirits and as the name says, invigorate you. 

Invigorating Scent Ultra-Light Body Cream ($44.00 for 4.5oz) feels light and airy and goes on smoothly.  Composed of 5% Shea Butter, apply this cream as soon as you get out of the shower for soft skin just asking to be touch.

For very dry skin, try the Invigorating Scent Ultra Rich Body Cream ($29.00 for 3.4 oz) which provides long lasting hydration (up to 72 hours).  Containing ¼ Shea Butter, these body cream strengthens the hydrolipidic barrier and nourishes the skin—but still absorbs quickly without a film.

Image courtesy of SUGAR Advanced Therapy

Kissable Lips

Forgetting about the flaky, cracked appearance; dry, chapped lips are downright uncomfortable.  For a kissable sexy pout, don’t just swipe on some lipstick as that only emphasizes it.  Instead, you need to treat the issue first.

There are hundreds of lip balms on the market, Fashion Reverie recommends Sugar Advanced Therapy Treatment Lip Balm.  One of the most popular lip enhancing products, thanks to sugar, orange extract, and sea fennel, Advanced Therapy Treatment Lip Balm smooths the look of wrinkles while hydrating for 24 hours, meaning you won’t need to constantly reapply every 10 seconds. 

We recommend applying it overnight to wake up to more supple, hydrated, less cracked and flaky lips that are ready to seduce, no matter if you swipe on a pink or red hue or leave them completely naked!

—Janine Silver


  1. Kuntala Bhattacharya says

    Perfect skincare gifts for women and that too on Vday. I love all of them and though have not used the brand but looks super cool

  2. Love a good perfume and body care products! Great idea for gifts.

  3. Jasmine Martin says

    Having soft lips are a must for a Valentine’s Day date. You wouldn’t want any chapped lips on that day. Specific scents for perfumes can definitely ignite the mood as well.

  4. I love all of this. I am a huge fan of L’Occitane en Provence and cannot wait to check out their new products.

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