Who Will First Lady Elect Dr. Jill Biden Wear to State Dinners and Events?

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We are at a turning point in American history. Will our democracy prevail? We are all looking at the in-coming administration as a ray of hope that will get our lives back on track, and the US will once again be the leader of the Free World.

At Fashion Reverie we like to brighten up your day with fashion and some predictions on an exciting new fashion calendar.  A few months ago, we visited Dr. Jill Biden’s fashion looks during Obama inauguration. That said; it is inevitable that Dr. Jill Biden will be a First Lady in just a few days and all eyes will be on her. Fashion Reverie will be paying close attention to her style. What will she be wearing to state dinners and event?

Here are six formal looks that we would love to see our First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden wear. Fashion Reverie already noted some of her favorite designers in a previous article, so this looks are just projections.

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Valentino is perfect for a poised lady like Dr. Jill Biden. This is a go-to designer of many prominent ladies, so there are many choices. That said; Fashion Reverie went with the royal blue for two reasons. First it is symbolic of royal dominance, and second reason, red would look amazing on her figure with her blond hair. Jill Biden usually wears her signature pearls which would add to the look.

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Oscar de la Renta

This Oscar de la Renta two-tone, powder pink gown with ruffles gives us that 1980s vibe. Currently, it is important to go back to the memory lane of once happier and more orderly times. Additionally, this gown will look good on Dr. Jill Biden. Fashion Reverie thinks she can pull it off!!

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Carolina Herrera

 For Pre-fall 2021, bright red simply brings joy. We love the voluminous skirt part of this Carolina Herrera gown. Also, this gown looks very comfortable and matches Dr. Biden’s smile. In this gown Dr. Jill Biden can channel the passion of bringing kindness back.

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Christian Dior

First Lady to be Dr. Jill Biden loves embroidery and flowers. This Dior gown is very feminine with a classic Dior shape. However, the structured top makes it just a tiny more edgy.

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Pamela Rolland

Dr Jill Biden likes bright colors. Fuchsia is a color that always photographs well and just stands out at any event. Dr. Jill Biden would look amazing in this Pamela Rolland gown, one shoulder-striped, embroidered with an emphasized wrist and the Pantone color of the season, orchid.

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Reem Acra

Though a bit youthful for Dr. Jill Biden, we all know that she embraces hope, love and rebirth, the very things that Reem Acra was inspired by for this spring 2021 collection.

“There is that element of being relaxed and more playful than before. That is the message we wanted to say, that we can all have fun and we can be elegant and fashionable and be more grateful in this time,” explained Reem Acra. And Dr. Jill Biden will look fancy and frolicky in this strapless, floral print. Let the good times roll!!

Better times are a head and Dr. Jill Biden will help lead the clarion call for civility and normalcy. Fashion Reverie looks forward to her becoming out First Lady on January 20th, 2021 and to bringing a smile back to the White House and to this nation.

—Tijana Ibrahimovic

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