Men’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and oh what a year we’ve had. Tis the season for giving, and, more importantly, for being thankful and thoughtful. So instead of giving generic gifts this season, let’s put a little more thought and intent on how we share our love.

Instead of a general men’s holiday gift guide, we have curated a list of presents for the different types of guys in your life. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. And this year, a little more thought and love means so much more.

The Outdoorsman: Sun Joe Backyard Fire Pit $219.99

As winter begins a few days after Christmas, it makes sense that we begin the list with a gift that is appropriate for the season, that he can use right away. For the guy that likes to be outdoors when there’s a chill in the air, get this Sun Joe wood burning fire pit. This cast stone fire pit is an eye-catching addition to your outdoor space and a great way to enjoy the backyard year-round, from summer s’mores with the kids to winter nightcaps with friends.

The Music Enthusiast: LuguLake Record Player $235.99            

If he prefers hosting guests indoors, he may also prefer a record player. This LuguLake record player is designed to resemble a vintage gramophone turntable, but it is loaded with modern technology. Not only does it play vinyl records, but it also plays FM radio, can play music from other devices via Bluetooth, USB, or Aux input, and has a remote control. It also has two built-in full range speakers, an independent subwoofer, and the copper horn is built with a tweeter that maximizes the realism of sound. Not bad for a replica, huh?

The Zen Master: Scented Little Moments Candle $20.00

If music doesn’t take him to his happy place, maybe aromatherapy is his mood stabilizer. Scented Little Moments is a Dallas, Texas-based small business that specializes in hand-crafted scented candles. Made in small batches, they offer a range of scents from light and airy to sultry and sensual. Additionally, if you want something more personal, they can help create a custom candle just for him … or you.

The Student: Rocketbook Smart Notebook $32

Speaking of advanced designs, who needs smart tech more than a student? Even though he may be attending class from home, some things remain the same—like the need to take good notes. Some people take notes on their laptop or smartphone, but most of us still use notebooks. Why not combine the ease of handwritten notes with the convenience of digital filing? Rocketbook Core notebook pages are made of special material let him write, scan, and send his notes to be saved in any of his cloud services. He can then wipe the notebook pages clean with a moist cloth so it can be used over and over. This one notebook becomes a hundred notebooks, and sorting, filing, and finding notes has never been easier.

The Professional: Xebec Duo Laptop Monitor $399.99

If your guy is not studying from home, but rather working from home, he may still be in the market for tech that eases his workload. In the office, a lot of us have two computer monitors. However, most people working from home use a single monitor from their laptop, and often, a single monitor just won’t do. Xebec has come up with a solution to add not just one, but two monitors to your laptop display. The double monitor quickly mounts onto your laptop, you slide the two screens into view, connect the screens via the included cables, and you’re ready to go within seconds. Now you have three screens to simultaneously view spreadsheets, emails, and any other applications you need. Fifteen seconds to set up, easy to use, and light enough to take with you anywhere.

The Gamer: Playstation 5 $499.99

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. We all need some downtime from what’s happening in our world, and the newest way to escape reality is with the recently released Playstation 5 gaming console. This is the hottest item of the year. With its onset of new technology, the system is faster, the colors are brighter, and your game immersion is next level. There are two versions—one that uses discs and is backwards compatible to play PS4 games, and an all-digital version that only downloads games from the Playstation network. You can play with virtual reality, watch movies, and control your streaming devices. The Playstation 5 may become his new all-around home entertainment station.

The Cook: Lodge Chef’s Collection Cast Iron Skillet $40

Maybe video games are not his thing. Maybe he finds his sanctuary in the kitchen. If so, he can cook to his heart’s content with a Lodge Chef’s Collection skillet. The cast iron skillet is one of the most versatile and durable tools in a chef’s kitchen. Gentle enough to create light and fluffy omelets, yet sturdy enough to endure barbequing ribs, this pan is essential. This skillet comes pre-seasoned and ready to go. He can unwrap it Christmas morning and start using it Christmas night.

The Sophisticate: Amerigo Gold Whiskey Stones & Uncle Nearest Whiskey $29.99 and $49

Every good meal should be accompanied by a good beverage. Sometimes, the beverage is all you need. And if the beverage is whiskey, then you know that good whiskey can stand alone—no chaser. He may want his drink chilled, but he probably doesn’t want it diluted. These gold whiskey stones by Amerigo address both matters. After being chilled, these stones take the place of ice—they cool down, but won’t water down, your drink. And you can’t give him the cubes alone. You must include a bottle to enjoy them with. We suggest Uncle Nearest whiskey. Uncle Nearest is the man who taught Jack Daniels how to make whiskey. Yes, that Jack Daniels. Now his family has their own operation, and they’ve already won 20 awards in the past 2 years. Grab a bottle if you can.

The Family Man: DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Smartphone Gimbal $119

The holiday season is the most special time to be around the family. This is when we make memories that last a lifetime. With smartphones increasingly replacing cameras and video recorders of yesteryear, why not use the opportunity and technology to create the next generation of family movies? Everyone’s hands are not steady enough to produce cinema-quality videos, and he may not be able to get all of the angles he wants on his own, so get him this handy gimbal by DJI. He can easily capture photos and video while static or in motion in a number of shooting modes, reduce shakiness, quickly edit and share content, and more with the tap of just a few buttons. He may not become the next Martin Scorsese, but he may be your designated cameraman for all future family events.

The Newlywed: This Is My Year Gear Hubby Sweatshirt $34

If it’s your first Christmas together as a married couple, you already have the best gift—each other. But you can put your stamp on it with this “Hubby” sweatshirt from Etsy boutique retailer This Is My Year Gear. This is a fun, unique way to celebrate the beginnings of your new life together, and it’s a gift you’re sure no one else will get for him.

The Stylish Man: Romira Design Personalized Robe $68.35

A man’s home is his castle, and he should always feel comfortable at home. Let him strut around and be the king of the hill every day in this robe by Romira Design. It comes with a crown embroidered on the back, and has additional space for his name. The robe is plush with patch pockets, shawl collar, and matching belt. There are 10 color options for the terry robe, and 4 colorways for the velour robes. Romira Design has other designs you can have embroidered on robes, and, if you like, you can you can get a matching robe for yourself.

All images courtesy of their respective brands

The Sports Fan: Serge Ibaka x Nobis Collection $50-$850

For basketball fans, the walk through the tunnel has become the must-see pre-game fashion parade. Here, players walk from the arena front door to the locker room, showing off their sense of style while cameras record their every step, and within minutes, fashion experts breakdown every outfit and identify every item worn. With the NBA encamped in a bubble zone during the last half of the season because of COVID-19, there was no tunnel walk through, hardly any stylish outfits to be seen, and barely any player fashion to be coveted. Despite that, basketball’s love affair with fashion still pulls through, but now in the form of a limited-edition collaboration between former Toronto Raptor, now current L.A. Clipper, Serge Ibaka and Canadian outerwear and accessory brand Nobis. For Ibaka, who is known for his #BigScarfEnergy, this is first foray into fashion design. The collection consists of nine pieces, including a parka, anorak, bomber, vests, hats, and, of course, scarves, all of which can be laundered at home. Hopefully we will all be able to emerge from our COVID-19 bubbles soon. And when we do, it’s fashion game on!

Any guy on your list would be happy to have any gift from Fashion Reverie’s 2020 men’s holiday guide. It is the thought that counts, so think fun, think fly, and think fashionable.

—Carl Ayers

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