Banishing Seasonal Dry Skin

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For some reason it seems that no matter how much we moisturize throughout the year, with the colder weather comes dry skin.  After years of constantly finding dry patches, you’d think we’d be prepared. But every autumn these skin woes seem to creep up on us.

To keep our skin as healthy as possible, especially as the temperature starts to drop, Fashion Reverie spoke with medical and cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Joyce Davis.

According to Dr. Davis, seasonal dry skin comes from a decrease in humidity in the atmosphere.  “Typically, we notice this at the end of summer, because summer is a humid time …” explains Davis.  “In the autumn the humidity drops abruptly, and our skin reacts to that and reflects it.”

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Since we can’t change the weather, we need to change our skincare regime. “Ensure you apply lotion after a bath,” stresses Davis. “If you have been using a lotion, you may want to advance to something thicker like a cream or an oil which will be heavier and hold the moisture in, forming a barrier for your skin.”  When determining what type of moisturizer to use, you need to look for ingredients that hold the water in the skin, such as petrolatum, which is a popular option.  “Hyaluronic acid and lactic acid binds water and keeps it in the skin. Along with shea butter and other oils too, especially on dry areas like around ankles and the heels of the foot.”

You may notice when on your quest for the perfect lotion and serum that there are to be dozens designed specifically for one part of the body … foot creams, hand creams, face creams, and even booty creams.  Dr. Davis explains that while you need something a bit heavier this time of year, that there are different degrees of heaviness. Your face, for example, needs something a bit lighter than the rest of your body, like a serum, while your feet and bum might react better to a heavier lotion.

Now is also the time to really avoid drying products “… such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid or any glycerin cleansers, which are the clear soaps.  These are more summertime products.”  Davis also suggests avoiding acne products, as they also can be very drying.

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Taking a supplement can also help keep your skin in tip-top shape.  Davis recommends Vitafusion’s “Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails” gummies that include Vitamin E, as well as adding more oils to your diet.  However, for faster results, Dr. Davis recommends more topical treatments to directly moisturize the skin.

Out of lotions and finding dry, itchy skin unbearable?  Davis says pretty much any cooking oil will help, so she recommends coconut oil as one of the best options to apply to your skin.

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While dry skin might always be an annoying problem, these quick switches to your routine can keep it at bay.  So there’s no need to stress over that crisp air; you can keep glowing and feeling comfortable in the skin you are in.

—Janine Silver


  1. Thank you for this!! I always have a tough time with dry skin, especially in the winter!

  2. Dry skin can be so annoying! Great tips.

  3. I have eczema and so winter time is a nightmare for my skin. I have been putting a lot of these suggestions into practice and must say they really do work! I need to be better about vitamins though so thanks for the reminder!

  4. Really helpful post thank you. My skin really good until a random week in winter when it just starts flaking- some great tips here

  5. I’m gonna have to ask my MIL to get me that. I have really dry elbows after I gave birth. This would be so helpful.

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