A Blast from the Past: New Fall 2020 Men’s Fragrances

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D-19 pandemic has left us all a bit rattled and unsure. While we are looking forward to a brighter future, some of us are turning to familiar things from our past to give us a sense of normalcy. Maybe it’s an old tee shirt that brings you comfort, or a familiar blanket that gives you solace. Perhaps there are sights, sounds, and smells that help calm your nerves—reminiscing over family photos, putting in your headphones and listening to the sounds of the crashing waves, or turning to aromatherapy.

It is well documented that scents can help alleviate stress. Traditionally, people have relied on scents like lavender, bergamot, and yuzu to sooth tension and anxiety. No wonder they are popular ingredients in some of the best-selling colognes. If you’re into aromatherapy, coupled with retail therapy, Fashion Reverie has assembled a list of the best fall 2020 colognes that are modern versions of fragrances that have made us smell good and feel good.

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Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio, released in 1996, was created to evoke a sense of freedom, full of wind and water. This original scent has notes of bitter citrus, salty sea water, and spicy woods via Calabrian bergamot, sweet persimmon, and Indian patchouli. The latest version, Acqua di Gio Profondo, builds upon the original marine, citrus, and woody chords, and introduces lavender, rosemary, and musk to take you from an aquatic Mediterranean voyage to a deep dive into the profoundness of the soul.

Image courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier

Every decade has its reverential fragrance, and the 1990’s were ruled by Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male. It is described as a duality of contrasts—traditional and bold, fresh and mild, strong and sensual. The base of the cologne is vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, and cedar, which is the layered with cinnamon, cumin, and orange blossom. It is topped off with fresh mint and lavender. In 2020, consumers received not one, but four new entries into the Le Male product line.

Le Male Aviator is an aromatic blend of mint, violet leaf, and woody notes. Le Male Eau de Toilette Airlines is a retail travel limited-edition fragrance consisting of lavender, mint, bergamot, orange, cinnamon, tonka bean, and woods. Le Mâle Pride Collector is an oriental scent like the Eau de Toilette Airline, perhaps with heavier notes of vanilla and cardamom. Le Male Le Parfum is another exotic fragrance, but this one has notes of cardamom, lavender, iris, vanilla, with woody undertones. The house of Gaultier may be scaling back their fashion product lines, but their fragrance collection is going full steam ahead.

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In 2011, Gucci released its’ alpha male scent, Guilty Pour Homme. The charismatic scent, made for the man who knows what he wants, has top notes of lemon and lavender, followed by orange blossom, and grounded with cedar and patchouli. The 2020 intense version, Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau de Parfum, ramps up the heat with accords of chili peppers, but soothes out with fresh roses.

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Y for Men is a relatively new product line for Yves Saint Laurent, launched in 2017 with the fragrance Y. Created for Generation Y, hence its name, the scent aimed to capture the spirit of youth, representing a balance between freshness and strength. On top, you will notice bergamot and ginger, but its base layer is outlined by ambergris and musk. Three years later, the new Y Eau Fraiche still meets the cool factor. The icy and spicy aspects of fresh lemon, ginger, pepper, and frankincense are cooled by geranium, peppermint, juniper berries, and lavender. The Y family of fragrances may be young, but it has a promising future ahead of it.

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In the early 2000’s, almost every guy had at least one bottle of a Burberry cologne. One of the cult favorites was Touch for Men. A woody-floral-musk scent, the fragrance had a sharp air of young sophistication. Formulated of violet leaf, mandarin orange, white pepper, and vetiver, this scent let everyone know that you had arrived, literally and figuratively. The newest fragrance from the house of Burberry is Mr. Burberry Element. The Mr. Burberry fragrance family line is one of classic, traditional British perfumery. The original Mr. Burberry fragrance, which was released in 2016, incorporated elements of grapefruit, tarragon, birch leaf, and vetiver. The 2020 Mr. Burberry Element release encapsulates the modern, masculine, fresh aspects of outdoor life. The scent represents the elements of the outdoors with its ingredients of oak moss, juniper, and green almond.

Images courtesy of Tom Ford

The penultimate fragrance for fall 2020 is a Tom Ford fragrance. The Private Blend collection debuted in 2007 and consisted of twelve unisex eau de parfums that could be used alone or in conjunction with one another. With such a wide selection, a bottle of Tom Ford cologne was on every guys’ Christmas list.

Also launched in 2007 was Tom Ford for Men. This fragrance was a fresh citrusy scent that was also warm, woody, and spicy. It harked of notes of Tunisian orange, lemon leaf, grapefruit, amber, patchouli, pepper, and tobacco leaf.

In 2020, Tom Ford released his latest unisex scent, Black Orchid Parfum. The original Black Orchid scent is a 2006 floral-spicy women’s perfume, highlighted by black orchid, black truffle, black currant, ylang-ylang, incense, amber, and sandalwood. The new iteration is an intensified unisex version of the old, with the addition of black plum and heavier notes of black orchid and ylang-ylang. There is a reason why Tom Ford fragrances are so coveted, they are truly decadent, in a manner where luxury meets indulgence.

—Carl Ayers

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