New Autumn Fragrances for the Ladies

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“Each time we inhale or smell a Perfume, we are all going on our own very personal perfume journey” —Huib Maat

Recently personal care giant Unilever has reported that sales of shampoo and deodorant have taken a deep dive. Being stuck at home means certain folk aren’t concerned about how they smell. So why wear fragrances?

Since our world has become so small, taking little pleasures is truly important. Scent is tied strongly to memory and mood. Indulging in a new perfume can really be uplifting.  Fashion Reverie has reviewed several new perfumes and compiled a list of great fragrances for the fall 2020 season.

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Perfect – Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has a vast library of perfumes to choose from, and his latest creation isn’t just perfect—that’s its name, Perfect!  It is a sophisticated blend of fruity florals that dries down to a creamy powdery scent in an elegant yet whimsical bottle. Jacobs has the word “perfect” tattooed on his wrist to remind himself that no one and nothing can ever be truly perfect, but we must continue reaching.

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Smyth by Henry Rose

Michelle Pfeiffer founded Henry Rose when she was unable to find perfumes with clean, healthy ingredients. The most recent addition to the collection is Smyth, a unisex fragrance that’s a sparkling blend of Granny Smith apple and melon notes combined with a deep musk making it ideal for fall 2020.

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Pleasures – Estee Lauder

Pleasures is a solid budget-friendly option from a respected brand. Capturing the romantic aroma of taking a walk in a garden after a summer shower, Pleasures is a clean, floral scent that contains notes of white lily, violet leaves, and green leaves.  It’s a light airy perfume that is a perfect for everyday and can easily be layered with other scents.

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California Dream – Louis Vuitton

Not quite ready to let go of summer? Well this fragrance has your back. With mandarin, vanilla, and amber, this is a luxurious scent that feels soothing and familiar.  The sleek gorgeous Instagram-worthy bottle captures the relaxing aroma of beach sunset.

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Les Epures de Parfum Discovery Set – Cartier

A wonderful sampling of three striking and vibrant scents comes in a red box that is so beautiful and elegant that you won’t be able to throw it out.


  • Pur Muguet Eau de Toilette
  • Pur Kinkan Eau de Toilette
  • Pur Magnolia Eau de Toilette

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Idole -Lancome

This new fragrance from Lancôme was created by three uniquely talented female perfumers in France and is represented by brand ambassador singer/actress Zendeya.  This is a perfume for women by women. The musky rose blend of sophisticated fruity florals comes in a crystal-shaped bottle designed to lay flat on a vanity. To top it off, the bottle is refillable! Female empowerment never smelled so good.

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Byredo – Gypsy Water

As the weather turns cooler and air gets crisp, this perfume will take you on a walk in the woods.  A woody and aromatic fragrance that opens with notes of bergamot, lemon, pepper, and juniper berries, Byredo will transport you to a cabin by a lake in October.

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Classic Rain Perfume – Clean Reserve

With its notes of water lily and violet leaves, everyone who smells this perfume describes it as dewy flower petals after a summer rain. Since it’s so clean and aquatic, this scent is suited for layering with other fragrances. 

Clean Reserve just isn’t the company name, it’s also a motto. Clean Reserve cares about the health of the planet. Working with vendors who use green manufacturing processes and minimizing the amount of waste produced by the packaging is of paramount importance. The glass bottle is recyclable, and the carton is made from FSC certified paper printed with non-toxic soy and water-based inks. 

—Cameron Grey Rose



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