Menswear Pick: MACEOO Sneakers

If you are familiar with MACEOO as a menswear clothing brand, hold on to your horses, MACEOO has branched into footwear. And footwear that make your pulse race a little faster.

Known for his mathematically engineered precise designs, creative director and founder Mehdi Raad, the great fit of MACEOO clothing is the result of innovative algebraic algorithm based upon data from 30 million North American men. The extrapolated data ensures that all MACEOO pieces fit like custom-tailored garments. All of the garments in the collection are designed in Paris using the highest quality Italian fabrics and reflects that stylish, relaxed lifestyle of the YOLO West Coast.

Though this new footwear venture contains some traditional formal footwear, it is the sneakers that stand out. Crafted by skilled artisans from premium quality Italian leather and other fine materials, each pair is enhanced by amazing details and designed for maximum style at accessible prices. The footwear follows the brand’s commitment to the precise fits and cuts. 

Medhi Raad uniquely understands that in order to get traction in the casual footwear market, he must appeal to a younger male demographic. This demographic is accustomed an expansive array of styles, silhouettes and fabrications. And to catch their fancy, so to speak, particularly sneakers must be of the highest quality with innovative styles that will make the consumer stand out. MACEOO sneakers fit that bill.

Images courtesy of Mannfolk PR

Additionally, there is a bit of whimsy to these sneaks. In some ways, these sneakers have an abstract art aesthetic. Think Jackson Pollock and Rothko!!

Must-haves include: casuals such as Honey Brown ($198) in Italian Leather, stitched bottom, textured side and rubber soles; BlackSplash ($198) with artsy black splatter design, textured side panels, stitched bottom and rubber soles; and Skull White ($198) with the skull head design, with the brand’s Royal Blue signature insole, textured side panels and rubber soles; the Artisan Blue ($225) with contrasting braided leather details, the Royal Blue signature insole and stitched rubber soles.

—William S. Gooch

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