For Summer 2020, Discover Fashion Reverie’s Hemp-infused Skincare and Wellness Guide

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As you may have figured out by now, Fashion Reverie loves CBD products as they are so helpful with Seasonal Affective Disorder and other ailments. But did you know CBD products can be fantastic for your skin? There are plenty of scientific studies demonstrating that CBD has some amazing anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-aging, qualities that can be beneficial in beauty products.

Be aware that CBD products cannot get you high unless they contain THC. Products applied to the skin will only show up in trace amounts in your blood stream, and topical products are unlikely to have any impact on your mood. Check your local laws even when products aren’t intended for consumption, some age restrictions may still apply.

Be sure to discuss any CBD products you are using with your doctor, especially if you pregnant or nursing.

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Beekman 1802 Milk Drops & CBD Facial Oil

For years the cosmetic industry has told women oil is the enemy! Scrub, scrub, scrub the oil away. But now we know not only is oil not the enemy, but some oils are extremely beneficial to skin and even treat acne. Beekman 1802 has been featured on Fashion Reverie before, but they have recently created a new product combining goats’ milk (a natural exfoliant) with 1000 mg of CBD into a nourishing dry facial oil, ideal for stressed, inflamed or sensitive skin.

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Mantra Mask – CBD Sheets Masks

Is there anything more calming than kicking back and relaxing with a soothing face mask and just doing nothing a few minutes? CBD masks from Manta are a fantastic way to soothe your skin thanks to the powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory skin properties found in CBD oil.  Mantra makes a mask or skin treatment for any complexion ailment you may have and you can even set up a subscription service so you never run out!!

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I + I Botanicals – CBD Coffee Body Scrub

When it comes to CBD beauty products, most folks don’t consider that CBD beauty goes beyond the face. Remember, it’s summer and you showing more skin and it is your right to have smooth, soft, radiant skin.

I + I Botanicals CBD Coffee body scrub gently removes dead cells to reveal smooth and radiant skin. The unique blend of hemp-derived CBD, coffee, seaweed, and aloe leaves your body feeling energized, nourished, and revitalized. The rich-foaming exfoliator will make you will feel brand new, just like your morning caffeine infusion.

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Pure Bloom – CBD Relief Cream

This relief cream is great for athletes and anyone suffering from pain ranging from arthritis to achy muscles.  Cooling, fast-absorbing, and fast-acting, this topical cream uses the power of organic CBD and healing botanicals such as turmeric, kukui nut, and black pepper.  Topical lotions can do wonders for sore muscles. And this one comes in three different strengths.

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Daily FurZen – CBD products for pets

CBD oil for pets? Yes, indeed. Fashion Reverie checked with a few veterinarians who said while there is no conclusive evidence that CBD oil helps pets, there is no evidence that it harms them.  Meanwhile, many pet owners say it helps with anxiety, inflammation, and joint problems for their fur babies. If you choose to use Zen Pet Hemp Oil from Daily Fur, do not do so without checking with your vet first. Start with a half dose and closely observe your pet to see how it reacts. Take 10% off your first order when you sign up for the email list.

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Crop Beauty

Crop Beauty makes it easy to find the right CBD skincare product. It’s your one-stop-shop for all the best CBD has to offer. Crop Beauty has done all the hard work, painstakingly testing every product to make sure what it claims is actually true. Its CBD-enhanced products are clean, effective, and created to treat specific problems. Not sure where to start? Crop beauty has a beauty quiz to help you figure out what products you want to try. During the month of June, 10% of all sales will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.

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Vital You CBD Bath Bombs

How is it possible we are only halfway through the year? Between the pandemic and civil unrest, this summer will be far from easy. What better way to relax then with a calming bath?  

So, why not turn your escape into your own personal spa time with a next-generation bath bomb, one that is as healing and restorative as it is pretty to look at? Vital You delivers the goods with its CBD and flower-essence infused bath bombs, each with its own purpose – whether it be to promote better sleep, combat stress, boost energy or soothe sore muscles.  Using a combination of CBD oil and carefully selected herbs, you can get a bath bomb for almost any need.

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Hempz Thirsty Facial SPF 30 CBD Lotion from Ulta

In 1997, director Baz Luhrmann wrote an essay he used for a graduation speech. It was remixed into a spoken word dance single that amazingly was a top ten hit. It began and ended with the same advice, “Always use sunscreen.”

He was right. Not only is it a critical daily step to avoid aging sun rays, it can reduces your chance of developing skin cancer. Hempz Thirsty Facial lotion not only delivers great SPF protection, but the CBD oil can help with acne, inflammation, and dry skin.

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Cannacell Sun Buddy SPF 30 from Andalou Naturals

After a painfully stressful spring, summer is finally here. And as restrictions are being eased, it is time to head to the beach! But don’t forget the sunscreen! If you followed guidelines and avoided going outside, your skin might be even more susceptible to sunburn. Make sure you have a good all-over body lotion to prevent burns and protect from skin cancer. This hemp-infused lotion will protect you and make your skin glow.

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Jupiter Drops

Can you believe this year? Pandemic, murder hornets, and worldwide protests. What squares are left on your Apocalypse 2020 bingo card?  It feels like January 2020 was 7 years ago.  While doing research for CBD skincare, Fashion Reverie discovered a new company that makes high-quality CBD drops for stress relief, and couldn’t we all use a little comfort?

These CBD drops are produced from certified organic, small-batch, single-origin, hemp grown in Denver. The company is committed to making products that are both good for you and the environment.  These all-natural, vegan, and non-GMO peppermint-flavored drops can help with stress, depression, anxiety, and sleep issues. You can even buy a small bottle if you want to try it for a couple of weeks before spending money on a larger supply. 

—Cameron Grey Rose


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