Spring 2020 Trends (In Spite of COVID-19)

Okay, it may be at least another month or so before circulation among each other is possible. That doesn’t mean that fashion should be forsaken. You’re work from home attire should be kept cute and many any office workers still need to suit up for those Zoom video calls. Consider that there’s a ton of great sales going online right now as stores still try to unload inventory. Some athleisure for your home workouts would be handy right about now. So, what are we wearing this coronavirus season?

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Crochet has transitioned from being a knitting project to a fashion statement for spring 2020. This constricted time could be a time to start a do-it-yourself homemade crochet dress, or you could pick up a little number from Marni that will be good for a virtual party in your living room or a creative agency virtual conference call.

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Hot Pants

While hot pants normally wouldn’t be good work from home attire, anything goes when your office is your bedroom. Hot pants will also be great for summer nights and this summer is sure to be a wild one once we’re let outside again.

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This trend works for both the gentleman and the ladies. Suits are still needed for when your boss is asking for video meetings, and when you return to the office you want to do it in your Sunday best. Time to suit up.

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It might be the apocalyptic vibes or just a love for the utilitarian, but warcore is having its moment. Technical fabrics are having a moment, as are utility vests. Warcore will work for the workwear look, or if it eventually dissolves into “Mad Max Fury” outside.

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Chunky Soles

Gentleman, if you have an affinity for chunky sneakers now is your time to shine. The bigger the sole, the bolder the move. Chunky sneakers are great for a park walk or that trip to the grocery store.

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Sexy Slips

Slip dresses have never been more functional. Slip dresses are great work-from-home wear and will be great once we start assimilating ourselves back into civilization; especially, nightlife come late spring or early summer. Fashion Reverie recommends you have at least four in various colors.

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Underwear as Outerwear

This idea might be a little much for some, but don’t run away before you hear us out. Designers are designing bras that look like tops that will be great for summer, or for loungewear. (And it has been done before. Jean-Paul Gaultier did this almost 30 years ago.) Whether you at the beach or suntanning on your rooftop this summer, this trend will make a statement.

—Kristopher Fraser

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