“Fashion Reverie Talks”: Season 3, Episode 12

As we come toward the end of our season, “Fashion Reverie Talks” gives looks to the past and to the future. And nothing encapsulates a larger career in fashion than Karl Lagerfeld. And no current menswear designer has in pulse on the future of men’s fashion than American sportwear classics designer Teddy von Ranson.

As with all episodes of “Fashion Reverie Talks,” there is interesting fashion news. And this week we have fashion news around Pride Month. Fashion News Alerts detail Target pulling LGBTQAI products off its shelves, Calvin Klein’s recent Pride collection, and Ryan Gosling recent cover of GQ magazine.

With every “Fashion Reverie Talks’” podcast, co-hosts Tijana Ibrahimovic and Cicily Daniels bring charm, style, and in-depth content for our viewers. You don’t want to miss this!! We only have one episode of Season 3 left.


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