Kevan Hall Spring 2023

Have you ever wondered what makes a good fashion show? With the plethora of fashion shows and presentations during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) it is sometimes hard to tell what make a good, brand effective fashion show. That said, there is an art to producing a great fashion show.

Here are a few tips!! A good fashion show should contain looks that are now and next. (Shush, I got that from the great fashion editor icon Diana Vreeland.) No collection can really standout and triumph without good models. Good models can make even a bad collection look better. A good fashion show has excellent production quality—meaning that attendees are in the right sections and the guest lists includes industry professionals, influencers, the old guard as well as up-and-comers.  And lastly, a good fashion show/collection should speak to the brand’s core consumers. It is fine and dandy to attempt to expand your audience, but you cannot throw the baby out with the dishwater, so to speak.

Kevan Hall’s spring 2023 show/collection contained all these elements and more!! For inspiration for his spring 2023 collection, Kevan Hall looked to Todos Santos, Mexico and his travels there. This “Hotelito” collection expressed a feast of vibrant colors, textures, and clean architectural lines that define the décor of the hotel where Hall resided. The saturated palette of persimmon, fuchsia, yellow, azure, and violet all of which are just a stone’s throw away from the crystal-clear turquoise ocean, are the final ingredients in the fashionable feast of the collection.

In this outing, Hall dressed his customer at every jointure of her day.  And he dresses her brilliantly. “These are clothes that women can wear effortlessly for day … cotton embroidered dresses, neon brights, summer tweeds, graphic-printed georgettes are casual and chic,” says Kevan Hall. “There are also cocktail dresses and evening ensembles in textured jacquards, taffeta, silk organza, beaded laces and fringe that are at once sophisticated and sexy providing the perfect balance for the modern woman… the woman for whom I design.” 

Though there was a slight old-school atmosphere at this outing—models turned, posed, pivoted, and mildly interacted with the audience, the black fashion intelligentsia were front and center, and the attendees were divided up according to what they could bring to the bran. There were also some modern projections that worked well for the collection. Tradition silhouettes contained some innovative elements. The summer tweeds were extremely lightweight facilitating transitions from early spring to early summer. And like several designers this season Kevan Hall included a range of ages of the models, highlighted by the inclusion of supermodel icon Coco Mitchell, who really knows how to show off a garment.

In this collection, Kevan demonstrated that young consumers can be sophisticated and elegant and still be current and that more seasoned consumers can be frolicky and fashion-forward without sacrificing sophistication and elegance. Additionally, Hall launched his capsule handbag and belt collection in this collection. All created in Italy with the interlocked “KH” monogram logo that will be a signature of the collection going forward. The bags are made of some of the finest Italian leathers on the market, some with perforated detailing. The belts are reversible in vibrant color combinations like chartreuse/turquoise, persimmon/yellow, pink/coral, and black/white for a graphic, more classic statement.

Images courtesy of VERY New York PR

Bravo Kevan Hall!! Keep up the good work and show the young bloods how it is done!!

—William S. Gooch



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