Rock It or Leave It: 2021 Trends to Embrace or Abandon in 2022

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We survived 2021!! Remember when we used to look forward to the New Year rather than breathing a sigh of relief that we survived the previous one? Well, not all of us made it—Betty White you were 99, yet you managed to die too young. 2021 was quite different from 2020 due to vaccines. (Fashion Reverie implores you to get vaccinated. More than 500 million people have been vaccinated and only a handful have had serious reactions. It’s SAFE.) We saw some celebrity red carpets come back—well, kind of. And with a renewed ability to leave the house, trends did emerge. Some were awesome, some, not so much. Here’s what you should embrace and what should be on the trash heap for 2022.

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Knee High Boots – Rock It

Knee high boots started strong as a trend for fall 2021 and it’s such a fun one; hopefully, this trend will stick around for a while. Knee high boots are so versatile and a practical way to keep one’s legs warm in winter, even when wearing skirts. A tip: When you take off your boots and put them in your closet, don’t let them fold over. Over time the leather or fabric can wear and peel. If you don’t have boot stays, put a tall empty water bottle in the boot to keep it standing upright.

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Bra tops with Jackets – Leave It

In 2021 Rosanna Getty, Jason Wu, and Tom Ford all put outfits on the runway that featured bra tops with jackets aka the “I forgot my blouse” look. But the truth is very few women would feel comfortable showing that much skin nor would that look be appropriate for most of their day-to-day lives, particularly if you have work in an office. This one is a hard pass.

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Ecofashion/Upcycling – Rock It

The past few years have made it clear that climate change is very real. This forced the fashion industry to take a hard look at the number of resources it consumes and consider ways to reduce it. Entire companies are now devoted to using sustainable resources for their clothes. Some are finding ways to utilize fabric from discarded clothing. Consumers are realizing that it doesn’t take much effort to reduce their carbon footprints. Onward and upward.

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Comfortable footwear – Rock It

When the pandemic started, and we couldn’t leave the house, women everywhere abandoned their high heels for chunky sneakers. While the chunky sneakers craze has died down, women still want flat, comfortable footwear. Now sleek oxfords and chic loafers are all the rage. These shoes look and feel good. Let’s keep the comfy trend going.

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Shoulder-length earrings – Leave It

Holy Cow, who decided to start this trend? Well, we know it was all over the runways in 2021 including JW Andersen, Dolce & Gabanna, and Ulla Johnson. Yes, consumers are willing to be uncomfortable for fashion but there are limits! Not only would shoulder-length earrings make it difficult to move around, but it could also be very dangerous. If it catches on something a woman could end up needing surgery! Nobody wants to become an actual fashion victim.

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Skinny Jeans – Leave It

The demand for comfort claims another victim. Skinny jeans aren’t just uncomfortable; a few medical professionals are now saying wearing them regularly can cause nerve damage and advise patients to wear them once a week, at most. Or maybe you could just stop wearing them, period!!

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Gender Neutral Fashion – Rock It

Great strides have been made with society and communities becoming more accepting of gender nonconformity. A big leap has been the trend of clothes labeled masculine or feminine are being looked at as gender neutral, free to be worn by anyone who feels comfortable in them. People are realizing it has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Candace Owens received HUGE backlash when she criticized Harry Styles for wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue saying she preferred “manly men.” The fashion industry agrees; wear what you like!

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Knits – Rock It

Another fabulous trend. Oversized knit sweaters were a cozy, warm, comfortable—is the trend for 2022 just going to be feeling comfortable in your clothes—practical trend for fall 2021, so let’s keep this up! Knits are going to be huge in 2022 and it’s great. While their popularity goes up and down, knits are chic and practical. If you care for them properly, they will last for years.  

—Cameron Grey Rose

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