New Year’s Eve 2021 Styleout

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With all the chaos on the planet, we all need something to look forward to. If we’re not looking forward to 2022, at least we’re looking to get away from 2021. If you are going to attend a New Year’s Eve celebration, please do so safely, responsibly, and fashionably.

If you need help putting together your last look for 2021, and your first look for 2022, look no further. Fashion Reverie has put together a few outfit ideas that are festive and timeless. From classic color themes to new, relaxed approaches, we’re covering all fashion bases so that you are snazzy and comfortable at midnight. Cheers!

Jacket: 12 Storez $304
Blouse: Open Edit $55
Pants: Federica Tosi $378
Shoes: Dee Ocleppo $356
Earrings: Maria Black $81
Ring: Federica Tosi $164
Purse: Salar $334

2021 New Year’s Eve Outfit – Black and Gold

Nothing is as stylish as a black and gold outfit. The color combo oozes class and sophistication. And isn’t that how you want to be remembered in 2021 and seen in 2022? For a little flair, add an animal print and watch everyone take notice.

Dress: Diane von Furstenberg $469
Earrings: Tory Burch $195
Ring: : Forte Forte$195
Bracelet: Fendi $390
Boots: Giannico $389
Bow purse: Red (V) $304

2021 New Year’s Eve Outfit– Blue and Silver

Blue and silver are the traditional colors of the New Year, so of course it should be the theme of your midnight outfit. The color pairing is both elegant and festive, and by combining chic items with more edgier ones, you are stepping into the new year aiming to claim “best dressed” honors.

Blouse: MGSM $231
Pants: Kiki de Montparnasse $210
Slippers: Sophia Webster $228
Earrings: Loveness Lee $213
Necklace: Forte Forte $208
Bracelet: Salvatore Ferragamo $255

2021 New Year’s Eve Outfit – Winter White

Gone are the rules that dictate white can only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Walk into the New Year in your winter white. Clean, simple, and streamlined, it is an easy way to enjoy the celebration without all of the hassle of getting done up for the occasion.

Sleeveless turtleneck: Cushnie $303
Skirt: Karl Lagerfeld $345
Earrings: Roxanna Assoulin $116
Necklace: MGSM$126
Ankle boots: Sam Edelman $242
Purse: Saint Laurent $375

2021 New Year’s Eve Outfit – Sparkle

What is a New Year’s Eve party without a little bling? Light up the room with some sparkle in your outfit. But don’t overdo it. One show-stopping garment is all you need. Let the other elements of your outfit enhance and highlight your featured piece; don’t make them fight for the spotlight.

Pajama top: Soma $33
Pajama pants: Soma $33
Slippers: J. Crew $25
Blanket: Lands’ End $18
New Year Glasses: Party City $8
Happy New Year mug: Wayfair $15

2021 New Year’s Eve Outfit – Pajamas

Spending New Year’s Eve at home? There’s nothing wrong with that. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to dress for the occasion. If you’re safely turning the clock from your couch, you can still look the part in your pajamas. And if it’s a family affair, you can buy matching sets or let everyone go rogue and put together their own at-home ensemble.

Sweater: Tee Shirt Place $35
Leggings: Koral $92
Boots: Mou $297
Bag: Pinko $298

2021 New Year’s Eve Outfit – Ugly Sweater

Ugly sweaters are a good time laugh that deserves more credit. They are usually reserved for Christmas, but you can extend the party for a week with an ugly sweater for New Year’s Eve. You won’t need to add much more to your outfit; the sweater will be more than enough. So just throw on some pants and shoes and head out the door in your faux ugly chic attire.

—Carl Ayers

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