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With “The House of Gucci” movie coming out next week there is much buzz about the infamous Patrizia Reggiani, the Gucci fashion brand and “The House of Gucci” red carpet premieres around the world. Of course, the person everyone talks about the most, besides the star-studded cast, is Lady Gaga. Expectations are high since she has publicly detailed how hard she has worked on this role—practicing authentic Italian accent for years and attempting to channel Patrizia Reggiani.

We don’t know quite yet if Lady Gaga’s performance will live up to all the media hype. However, while we anticipate the opening of “House of Gucci,” Fashion Reverie can look back at Lady Gaga’s fashion over the years

Monster mama always had a unique style and has always managed to shock us in some way; however, her style has evolved and seems to be more sophisticated and grown up today. Fashion Reverie look back at Lady Gaga’s style evolution. 


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Lady Gaga on Good Day New York City in 2008

This look goes back to when Lady Gaga’s career just gathering steam and obviously designers didn’t really throw outfits on her. At that time, her costumes were often handmade.

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Sunglasses and Eye Make Up

In the beginning of her career, Lady Gaga often wore platinum hair, platform shoes, and would often pay tribute to David Bowie. Gaga had loads of fun with accessories and cut up jeans.

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The Video Music Awards (VMA) are a great place to experiment with style. Lady Gaga never missed that kind of opportunity. We loved her 2013 look wearing just shells to cover the main body parts. An appearance fit for a painting masterpiece.

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The Meat Dress 

Lady Gaga accepting Video of the Year award left us feeling hungry well unless you are a vegetarian. She absolutely outdid herself when she came out in a “meat set.” it was meant to send a message that she is not a piece of meat; however, PETA was not pleased.

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2019 Met Gala 

In 2019 Lady Gaga was one of the co-chairs of the 2019 Met Gaga. She put on quite a performance by transforming her outfit into four different looks. It was a historic fashion moment. 


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With Her Majesty 

This Gaga look doesn’t seem like a look most people go for when meeting The Queen. She did look like a renaissance character, but in red latex with dramatic eye makeup. Yet somehow, Lady Gaga pulled it off smoothly. 

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A Star Is Born 

For her film debut in “A Star Is Born,” Lady Gaga transformed herself yet again. She truly expresses herself through fashion and when she walked the red carpet for “A Star Is Born” premiere in Italy she looked stunning and very feminine. The dress was very old Hollywood glamour. 

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House of Gucci 

It is only natural for Gaga’s movie star career to continue and this time she is playing a role not even connected to a music performance.  But, fashion topics are right where she belongs and she channels that confidence on all red carpets we have recently seen her on. In New York she wore a custom Armani Privé. Classic but Gaga Style. 

 —Tijana Ibrahimovic

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