Ricardo Seco Spring 2022

When you think of a typical show at New York Fashion Week (NYFW), you imagine a runway with people sitting in the audience on both sides. Ricardo Seco’s spring 2022 show “Reborn: Immigrants Brighten Up NY” was very different from that.

The scene was set as soon as you entered the Chelsea location of Cinepolis. Before going into the theater, where the runway show would later take place, you were offered popcorn and drinks. The ambiance was set; with your popcorn and soda one was prepared to enjoy a movie in a lush movie theater, but what we got was better.

And yes, there was a little video played before the models came out that explained Seco’s inspiration, but what was not expected was the fact that the models walked between the rows of seats in the theater. This way everyone was able to see the pieces up close. It resulted in a much more intimate experience.

“I never thought I would use this word to name one of my collections. Nevertheless, all of my collections are a reflection of my feelings and what I am living, and “Reborn” is what best describes this new chapter after the pandemic,” says Seco.

As it is the designer’s 10th year anniversary in New York, this collection perfectly encapsulates what Seco is all about.  With every collection, he is inspired by mixing the influences of the US with his Mexican and Latin American cultures and how they are assimilated by immigrants in the country.

Seco takes this multicultural inspiration and translates it into bright, bold pieces that are sure to be noticed on the streets of Mexico and New York. The clothes seen in this collection are comprised of separates in bright metallics and shiny textures that are made in an array of fabrics such as cashmere, silk, cotton, leather, and denim. Colors used in the collection include hues of blue, pink, jacaranda (purple) and orange. Each of the colors in the collection have a meaning that ties back to the significance of “Reborn.”

There are many pieces that standout within the collection; however, there are some pieces that shouldn’t be missed. The first piece that is a standout is a jacket that is done in orange, pink, and blue metallic leather that is color-blocked diagonally. The bright and colorful jacket is paired with a metallic blue swimsuit bottom.

Images courtesy of Ricardo Seco

Another look that stands out includes a jean jacket embellished with pearl-like beads on the seams and a “Hecho in Mexico” graphic on the back that can also be found on other pieces in the collection, as well as light pink metallic leather wide leg pants that include a jean waistband that peeks out of the top of the pants. The last standout look that should be noted is the two-toned leather jacket in orange and purple with studded sleeves that is accompanied by a pair of metallic orange shorts that match.

This spring 2022 collection should not be missed. So, get those ducats ready!!

—Phoebe Howard

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