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Though it doesn’t feel like it, summer is almost over. As seasons change, so does our wardrobe. But not everyone is ready to change over their closets for the autumn weather. Luckily for us, there are the pre-fall collections—the bridge collections that help us gently transition from summer to fall. The pre-fall collections usually give us a sneak peak of what designers and retailers have in mind for the colder months, but these collections also give consumers a jump on the upcoming fall trends.

So, to prepare you for your seasonal style makeover, Fashion Reverie has put together our seven favorite fashion trends from the pre-fall collections. These tips will give you a head start on your friends, and these items will serve you well into the spring.

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Rainbow Sweaters

This year has been a doozy, and we can all use a pick me up. Brighten up your day with a little rainbow of fun. We know outfits can help elevate our moods, so why not give yourself an extra boost with multi-colored rays of sun. You can opt for just a little shine with this sweater from Boden, or you can go full out with an all-over color explosion by The Elder Statesman.

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Dark Florals

In “The Devil Wears Prada,” Meryl Streep’s character Miranda Priestly famously says “Florals … for spring. Groundbreaking.” But who knew that florals for fall could actually be so exciting? But we’re not talking about bright, beaming florals. No, we’re talking about dark florals that are just as vivid and vibrant as their radiant counterparts. A clear standout are these silk floral pants by Escada and equally surprising is the gray Dries Van Noten trench with pink roses.

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Speaking of pink, it seems to be the color of the season. Interestingly, about a century ago, pink was associated with boys and blue was associated with girls. In the 1920’s that changed as people started to buy more pink clothes for little girls. Now, pink isn’t just for little girls, anymore. Women are seemingly replacing some of their vibrant reds with dainty pinks to express their demure side. Don’t get it twisted, these pinks may be toned down, but they can be just as sexy as red and as impactful as blue. You’re guaranteed to get a few double takes when you walk by in this body-hugging Chiari Boni dress or this dazzling Naeem Khan top.

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Cutout Details

It’s not just the color of your outfit that gets attention, but the subtle details also make someone take a second glance. Cutout details lead the eye to where you want people to focus. Maybe you want to show off your sexy belly button, like with this Burberry tee. Maybe your back is your strong feature, and you want everyone to know it in this Alice + Olivia dress. Or maybe you want to play a little skin peekaboo with this Gabriela Hearst jacket. With cutouts, you can choose whether to show a little, or show a lot. You can even layer them over other items (including a bodysuit) if you just like the illusion, but don’t want to show your skin.

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Midi Dresses

Not everyone wants to show skin. Miniskirts isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and some women don’t want to wear a maxi dress. The midi dress is a wonderful compromise. The hem of the dress comes down to your calves, the dress still accentuates your shape, and you’re comfortably covered up as much as you want to be. Some midi dresses cover your legs and let you highlight other parts of your body, like this dress from Farm Rio. Others cover you from neck to knee, and let their beautiful design speak for you, like this Teri Jon by Rickies Freeman dress.

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Eye-catching Leggings

What if you want your legs to be the star of the show? You’ve been putting in extra work in your spin classes, and you want to celebrate your efforts. Forego the skirts and dresses, and put your yams and gams (butt and legs) on display. You’ve earned it! We’re not saying walk around in your gym tights. No. In all things, be stylish. So turn heads with leggings that make a statement. Tell people you’re haute without saying a word by sporting these logo’d leggings by Balmain. Turn your outfit up a notch in these latex stirrup leggings by Wolford; they are slick and sexy, and make Sandy from “Grease” look like an amateur.

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Soft Leather

Leather is for lovers, and you’ll fall in lust with these soft leather items for the fall. Save your thick moto-style jackets for November. Until then, style and profile in soft leather tops and bottoms. The Gestuz shorts feel great on your skin, as does the cropped top by St. John. Whether you opt of real leather or vegan leather, you will looks and feel amazing. And as sure as winter is coming, this aesthetic will aid your style transition into the new year.

—Carl Ayers

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