Spring 2021 Trend Styleout

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It appears that parts of the world are slowly opening and adjusting to their new normal. People are dining out, shopping, and traveling, all in hopes that we are rounding the corner on the COVID-19 pandemic. As we start to socialize again, our minds are turning toward that looming question, what am I going to wear?

We missed most of our social opportunities for 2020, so a lot of us are planning to double up in 2021. Twice as much traveling, twice as much time with family and friends, and twice as many lewks to be seen in. There are more than 25 projected fashion trends for spring 2021, so it may be a little tricky to stay on top of things this season, but Fashion Reverie has found a way to do it! We’ve taken the twelve best trends for spring 2021, broke them down into duos, and created an easy style out for each pair.

This guide will help you tackle the trends, get your money’s worth from your closet, and stay on your friends’ best dressed list.

Polo Ralph Lauren maxi dress: $243
Jonathan Simkhai cropped cardigan: $385
Gas Bijoux earrings: $109
Aurelie Bidermann bracelet: $252
Paris Texas shoes: $297
MLouye bag: $381

Maxi Dresses & Stripes

Maxi dresses are a springtime staple. They are an unceremonious way of sloughing off the winter layers, and allowing your wardrobe to give way to lighter, freer fabrics. They come in a variety of colors, prints, and patterns, but stripes are what spring 2021 is calling for. This season, don’t limit stripes to just your attire. Add striped elements to all parts of your outfit including your jewelry and bags … but don’t overdo it.

Heron Preston x Calvin Klein bra: $52
Liviana Conti wide leg pants: $167
Alo bomber jacket: $119
Maria Black earrings: $53
Nialaya Jewelry necklace: $99
Dee Ocleppo purse: $231
Patrizia Pepe heels: $201

Wide Leg Pants & Bralettes

This is like a game of peek-a-boo. Bralettes as shirts are a warm weather aesthetic. It shows how smoking hot your body is, but also keeps you cooler when the temps are too turned up. Wide leg pants also let air circulate and help you cool down quicker than tight, form-fitting clothes. Put it all together with a pair of statement heels, and you have a funky, artsy outfit that could have Rihanna taking notes.

Vanessa Scott sheer blouse: $64
Hanro bra: $59
Dry Lake sequin pants: $114
A.W.A.K.E Mode bag: $257
Estella Bartlett bracelet $38
8 By Yoox heels: $110

Sheer & Sequins

In another game of hide and seek, opt for the two trends of sheer and sequins. The sparkle will certainly catch their eye, but the transparency will make them do a double take. Sequined clothes can be fun and playful or chic and sophisticated, so try both ends of the spectrum. Sheer clothes are sexy, but be sure to wear under garments that match either your flesh or the outer garment. You don’t necessarily want to show all your goods, but you want to keep them guessing.

Alice + Olivia top: $141
LHD shorts: $188
Borsalino hat: $184
Missoni earrings: $111
Roger Vivier fringe bag: $378
Birkenstock shoes: $301

Folks-Inspired and Fringe Bags

Not everyone is ready to jump back into futuristic and fashion-forward attire. Some people want to continue taking life slow and easy. During this pandemic, a lot of us took stock of our place in the world. We learned more about various cultures around the globe, and we revisited our own heritages. There’s a resurging fondness for where we come from, and that appreciation also trickles down to fashion. There’s an uptick in interest in responsibly sourced clothing, and a lot of that clothing comes from small, local manufacturers whose design aesthetic comes from their indigenous culture. It’s always good to celebrate and support different cultures, but just make sure it is an appreciation, not an appropriation.

Alexis top: $253
Sportmax skirt: $375
Alison Lou earrings: $145
Ports 1961 ring: $182
Furla purse: $430
Sandro Paris sneakers: $245

Monochromatic & Pastels

What, on the surface, seems like the easiest trend can actually be one of the most difficult to execute. Monochromatic outfits look beautiful when well done, but they can look like a tragedy if done poorly. Luckily, pastels make it easier. The soft colors simplify the blending of hues, thereby allowing you a better chance of pulling off the monochromatic look. It is incredibly difficult to find an outfit where everything matches perfectly—you must take into consideration color, material, and sheen. But when you do find that holy grail of garb, it’s like a chef’s kiss. Pastels are an easy cheat code. Go for it!

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania shirt: $181
DSquared2 shorts: $249
Kasun London necklace: $248
Bering watch: $215
See by Chloe purse: $423
Amina Muaddi boots: $1,775
MM6 Maison Margiela bracelet (used as an ankle bracelet over the boots) $114

Screen Prints and White Thigh-High Boots

What used to be called ghetto fabulous would now be considered urban chic. The mix of downtown elements, like graphic tees and denim, with uptown elements, like accents of precious metals, is the beautiful melding of two worlds. When you add short shorts and tall boots into the equation, the result is a sexy outfit worth its weight in gold. Thigh high boots are a serious matter, and when they are all white, they are making a bold statement. That’s also what screen-printed shirts do. So, if you’re going to wear them, especially together, you might as well give the people something to talk about.

—Carl Ayers


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