Rock It or Leave It: Trends to Avoid or Embrace in 2021

Ah, 2020. The year that took decades. The Black Lives Matter protests; the overcrowded hospitals; a precarious and divisive election; almost no red carpets; Met Gala canceled, and New York Fashion Week online.

So many fashion houses collapsed. Century 21 went out of business when they were dropped by their insurers. And yet, somehow between celebs, designers, Instagram, and fashion magazines, believe it or not, some fashion trends came into vogue. Some were great! Some need to be left in the trash heap that was 2020.  Fashion Reverie is here to let you know whether you rock it or should you leave it alone?

Trends you need to rock!!

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Tie Dye

This trend was just delightful and was perfect for 2020. While it appeared on celebs and on runways, the enjoyable thing about this trend is it’s a project you could do at home! Grab your honey or your kids and make it a fun afternoon. Perfect for dyeing sweatpants which become the unofficial uniform of the pandemic. It’s a great way to bring rainbows to dark days.  Let’s keep this going in 2021. We still need enjoyable home crafting projects and bursts of color during these interesting times.

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Comfortable Footwear
With all of us stuck at home due to lockdowns, sexy heels were quickly abandoned. Why bother with heels when you can’t go anywhere? Heck, why bother with shoes at all? Admittedly, some designers took it way too far, with Jason Wu presenting his spring 2021 collection on models wearing sliders. Sliders on a runway? Hey Jason, this is one step above going to the bodega in your bathrobe.  Many predictors are saying sneakers will be the next big thing for 2021 and Fashion Reverie is saying awesome!

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Protest Clothing

No, no, no, we’re not talking about those wackjobs and howdy doody insurrectionists at the Capitol a few weeks ago. But last year, the death of George Floyd and the election that defeated Donald Trump, resulted in waves of protest clothing. Let’s keep this going in 2021. Not only did the pandemic expose horrifying holes in public safety and welfare, the pandemic also shined a light on continued police corruption. Christian Siriano and other designers showed protest clothing can be as chic as it is inspiring. Climate change and the pandemic remain very real dangers. The price of freedom is constant vigilance.

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Cashmere has never gone out of style and exploded in 2021. It began with Katie Holmes appearing in a bralette made from cashmere and expanded as people were looking for ways to stay comfortable while stuck at home. Cashmere is so wonderful, not only is it soft and cozy, but well-cared for cashmere pieces can last for years. We’re not going anywhere anytime soon in 2021. Let’s live in luxurious comfort!!

Trends that should be abandoned

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Right before lockdown happened in winter 2020, luxury leather harnesses worn over clothes were all over the runways. That trend was embraced as it looked great on Instagram. Okay fine, but it’s time to let it go. It was fun while it lasted but now it looks like you’re trying too hard. Toss it into the back of the closet with the belt bag we gave up in 2017 when we realized Kylie Jenner had just rebranded fanny packs.

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Animal Prints
When March 2020 rolled around and we were suddenly working from home, furloughed, or simply fired (sorry), we all comforted ourselves thinking, “this can’t last long.” What’s on Netflix?” Then Tiger King burst on the entertainment scene and the popularity of animal prints shortly after.  Carol Baskin—still not in jail, but long since kicked off “Dancing with the Stars”—endlessly decked out in tiger prints was no doubt delighted, but for the rest of us the novelty wore off fast. Okay, time to put this trend to BED. Animal prints are so difficult to wear and now they are just so dated!

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It seems like every year a trend pops up that has consumers going “Ummm, no thank you.” Despite appearing on several runways at fashion week and being sported by a few celebs—Emme Roberts sporting not one but two 2020 trends the above outfit—ringe never took off. While fringe genuinely does have practical applications—helps coats dry faster)—this trend now just looks desperate. It was barely a trend in 2020. It will be nothing in 2021.

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Belly Chains

Where do designers get their ideas for the next big thing? Occasionally, you’ll hear them talk about famous models that ‘inspire’ them. No one would begrudge fashion designers their muses, but it may cloud their judgment to the needs and wants of the average consumer.  If you’re looking at Coco Rocha or Kaia Gerber for ideas, you may forget that very few women have the genetic gifts that give them flat muscled stomachs.

That said; with most female consumers not sporting six packs why popularize belly chains? A handful of celebs wore belly chains, but consumer with their pandemic pounds just rolled their eyes. Let’s throw this baby out with the 2020 bathwater. 

—Cameron Grey Rose

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