“Fashion Reverie Talks” Episode 10

“Fashion Reverie Talks” episode 10 is nothing short of a miracle. When Managing Editor Carl Ayers and I considered creating our fashion talks show using the ZOOM format, we didn’t really know we could pull it off. However, ten episodes later, the proof is in the pudding. We did it!!

As the last episode of 2020, episode 10 looks back at the greatest moments in fashion for the year 2020, These greatest moments were supplied by Fashion Reverie’s editors. Editor-in-chief William S. Gooch and co-hosts Carl Ayers, Tijana Ibrahimovic, and Cicily Daniels, with lots of humor and charm, shared some of their favorite moments from this curated list.

Managing Editor Carl Ayers conducted an interview with Songwriter/Musician/Philanthropist Alex Harris about his new holiday song. “Every Day Will Be Like a Holiday.” Additionally, our co-hosts picked their favorite stylish celebrities from Carl Ayers’ “Fashion Reverie’s Most Stylish People of 2020.” And true to form there were some interesting tidbits in our Fashion News Alert.

Expect bigger and better in 2021. More celebrity guests, more interesting roundups and fashion stories and of course, lots and lots of humor, wit and insight.

William S. Gooch

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