2020 Fall/Winter Ladies’ Coat Guide

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The coat you choose to wear is the single most important purchase you’ll make this fall. Factor in social distancing and outdoor dining, and your coat is everything. As this is the case, splurge and deck yourself out in more than just one fall coat. 

In addition to watching countless fashion shows, Fashion Reverie polled a dozen of our fashionable girlfriends and others of different ages and walks of life and asked them to participate in a game of fantasy fashion. We posed a simple question. “If you could order any coat right now, what would it be?” The response was overwhelming and came in at a rapid-fire pace. Almost every single woman included a long camel coat as her dream coat, and everyone had more than one coat on her respective list. Also making the ladies’ lists were puffers, the updated trench coat, fun furs, plaids, and wool coats in varying citrus tones.

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The Eternal Classic

The camel coat has been a longtime staple of minimalist fashion houses such as Max Mara, Michael Kors, and Ralph Lauren. Favorites range from long belted ones to sporty double-breasted car coats such as the one Ali McGraw wore in “Love Story” (1970) and Marilyn Monroe wore in “Let’s Make Love” (1960). No matter which of these you choose, this coat makes a statement of quiet, classy luxury. Shades run the gamut from classic camel brown to the palest of beiges.

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Sporty Spice

Puffer coats have always been popular for their warmth and as of late, for their great style. The new crop of puffers makes a statement in punchy pink, pristine white, and bright red. Moncler makes the ultimate puffer coat, the padded front jacket, in a delicious sherbet pink.  The North Face’s white label free Move Down coat will have you looking like a snow angel. Last, but not least is Amazon’s runaway smash hit, the Orolay thickened down jacket, aka the “Amazon Coat.” This puffer has been an internet darling since 2017. This season, it’s been updated to include a feminine fur-lined hood.

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The Trench Coat

As American fashion couturier, Ralph Rucci, once told consumers, “If you’re just starting to build your wardrobe, the trench coat is a must.” Burberry practically owns the patent on this item. This fall, they’re offering it in with a flirty tulip hem. Also, from Great Britain, is the upcycled trench from Colville, an eco-conscious brand co-created by former British Vogue Editor, Lucinda Chambers and Molly Molloy. The Colville upcycled trench has a unique twist that British fashion designers are renowned for. If you’re floral obsessed, ModCloth’s set for the rainy days at Kensington Gardens trench coat is your go-to.

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Citrus Crush

 It’s impossible not to fall in love with activist/actress, Gabrielle Union, all over again when she’s wearing her forever or never lemon yellow peacoat by Japanese designer, Mira Mitaki. Happily, for Fashion Reverie, Mackage has one that comes very close. For the budget conscious, Jenkoon’s peacoat is a deeper tone of yellow and perfect as an easy car coat.  For those who loved the vibrant green Chanel Lily Collins wore in “Emily in Paris,” Amazon has you covered with a version by Tanming for $48.

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Fun Furs

Furs made the list as well, but in 2020, they’re as far removed from your grandmother’s mink coat as could be.  The late great Karl Lagerfeld can be credited for making fur fun during his tenure at Fendi. His longtime collaborator, Sylvia Fendi, has continued the tradition, and showed statement-making, oversized cheetah print fur. Other designers have taken note and delivered their version of fun furs both real and faux. While they’re not “a basic,” they’re certainly a mood-lifting indulgence, well worth having.  Hipsters will fall in love with Stockholm based Stand Studio’s zippy patent leather and green faux fur Fay jacket.  Also, from Stand Studio, there’s the Nino coat, in an eye-catching black and white checkerboard pattern. If you’re experimenting with fur, Lulus’ cozy slate blue long faux fur keeps the chill away and channels your inner diva.

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Plaid Princess

Plaids typically look either super preppy or can verge on the frumpy side. These beauties do neither. Isabel Marant Etoile has the Elayo, a Parisian chic long coat with a large, soft plaid pattern, perfect for windy city nights. AllSaints and Old Navy round-out the group for more casual interpretations, all ideal choices for a weekend in the country.

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Eco Love

American designer, Deborah Sawaf, didn’t even show the Chicago Denim Coat in her New York Fashion Week video, but she didn’t have to. Fashionistas found this great Thale Blanc coat online themselves and have made it her top seller this season, and it’s no wonder why. The ethically sourced denim does not use any chemical dyes and employs minimal water usage. Stylistically, it’s classic chic with a twist, thanks to the organic fringe detailing. This beauty goes with anything and is made in Los Angeles to reduce shipping waste.  Available in full and knee length. What’s not to love

—Vivian Kelly


  1. What a great description of what to consider as we shop this year. It does make me want more than one style! Well-done!

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