“Fashion Reverie Talks” Episode 6

Can you believe that the US presidential election is less than a week away? Well, we probably won’t have the exact results until weeks later; however, by next Wednesday US citizens and the world will have an idea if it will be another wild, rollercoaster of a presidency or something new and promising. Only the electorate will decide!!

Either way fashionreverie.com and particularly, “Fashion Reverie Talks” keeps bringing its audience timely and relevant fashion stories. In episode 6 of “Fashion Reverie Talks,” co-hosts Carl Ayers, Tijana Ibrahimovic, and Cicily Daniels passionately examined Liya Kebede’s first American Harper’s Bazaar cover—which is new editor-in-chief Samira Nasr’s first Harper’s Bazaar issue in her new role, Chanel’s uptick in internet clicks due to the plethora of Chanel garments worn in the Netflix series “Emily in Paris,” and Zara’s new megastore in China, making this new flagship store the largest of its kind in Asia.

Other segments include Cameron Grey Rose’s picks for 2020 Halloween costumes and Halloween scary flicks, Managing Editor Carl Ayers roundup of men’s coats for the fall/winter 2020 season, and Tijana Ibrahimovic’s ending segment of great outerwear from US First Ladies.  All done with charm, humor, and wit!!

As always, each “Fashion Reverie Talks” segment and fashion news alerts give audiences much to think about, as well as great advice of great style picks that will not put too much of dent in budgets. If you are like most “Fashion Reverie Talks” followers, you cannot wait for the next episode. Remember, we create these episodes every two weeks; you have to patiently wait for the next gem!!


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