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Just like the rest of the world, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is adjusting to a “new normal,” thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. With the majority of this seasons’ fashion designers presenting their collections via computer screens and smartphones rather than live runway shows, fashion brands may now have to adapt their collections and design aesthetics to fit a digital audience. What might translate well on the runways may not always translate as seamlessly in a digital campaign. And though fashion weeks in London, Milan, and Paris are going forward with more in-person shows compared to New York, many designers are still opting for digital presentations in those markets as well.

The trends that editors, stylists, and customers can expect this year will be a little different. Fashion Reverie has curated some potential trends that you should be on the lookout for this Fashion Month.

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Bras that Pass as Shirts

With people having less of a reason to dress up, and work from home expected to continue for some companies through 2021, the bra as a shirt trend could be here for a while. 2019 became the year that celebrities re-energized the bra as shirts trend before it even had a chance to really hit the runways. Now, as consumers opt for comfort or luxury style, the trend is making its presence known.

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Heavily Patterned Face Masks

Designers are cashing in on the new essential fashion accessory, face masks. Of course, high fashion designers on the fashion week runways won’t be expected to produce your standard neutral-colored face masks or mundane cloth masks. Expect designers to give us everything from maximalist patterns, like florals and diamond prints, to bejeweled sequin fabrications.

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Statement Earrings

Designers are focusing more on accessories that can work those who choose to leave the house and those who are sequestering and communicating via Zoom and WebEx. Enter big statement earrings—a great look for those who live in places where they can be out and about, and still great for those safely working from home and trying to make a fashion statement on a video call.

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Statement Choker Necklaces

Trends from digital fashion weeks continue to be about the accessories.  Designers can be expected to create statement choker necklaces to help customers accessorize and accentuate from the neck up. The headshot has never been more valuable than in a world where digital conference calls are the new water cooler hangout spot.  

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Oversized Handbags         

These days, your purse has to hold more than your standard wallet, phone, and keys. Everything from spare face masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes have become part of the morning purse check before you leave the house. Designers are expected to accommodate for these extra needs with XXL-sized handbags that will have both the usual compartment for your cell phone and room for a Costco-sized bottle of hand sanitizer.

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Camp Shirts

Somehow, out of the fashion trends that emerged during the COVID-19 lockdown, the one that might be the most surprising is camp shirts. Camp collars have long been a part of leisurewear, but with the options from neutral colors to bold patterns they come in, a lot of people are loving this shirt more than before. As people are more casual with fewer days spent in an office, the camp shirt has become the relaxed trend that we may flock to.

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The Shirt Vest

The menswear vest, sometimes referred to as a waistcoat, is finding popular traction again. The trend originally came about in the mid ‘00s thanks to Kate Moss, and has recently been seen on the runways of Saint Laurent and Victoria Beckham. The vest-as-a-shirt’s return to glory was brought on by an increased need for comfort and a simple piece that can be dressed up for a digital meeting or dressed down for your walk in the park. The shirt vest is poised to be the next spring/summer wardrobe staple.

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Righteous Reds

Red is one of the first colors that stands out to the human eye. At the recent digital fashion shows in Milan and Paris, many designers from Casablanca to Etro worked to incorporate red in some form into their collections. Red is an attention grabber whether it’s on video, at a physical presentation, or in a photo. Red also adds some fiery flare to spring/summer collections from the runway to your wardrobe.

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