The Bold Season

Image courtesy of Ernest Green

Image courtesy of Ernest Green

Fall 2014 is all about making bold statements. Leave the reticence and vacillating behind. Be bold in choice of color, bold in your attitude, and bold in your decision making. Luxuriate in color palettes of orchid, hot pink, vivid red, and heather. Embrace silhouettes that encompass restrained volume with a variety of texture combinations.

Allow all these myriad points of view to enhance your personal style and bring out your inner and outer fierceness. Remember, this is not the season to be a shrinking violet. Let this bold season be your breakout season!!

—William S. Gooch

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Scenes D’Atelier

AltShoot (546)-featuredimage-1With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week less than a week away, there are those seasoned industry professionals that yearn for the golden days of fashion when collections were seen by a few select editors, buyers and rich patrons. Lithe creatures would swirl and saunter in rich fabrications, evoking moods of glamour, sophistication and elegance.

That golden era is gone, but the fantasy and delicious reverie continues.  Though fashion is more global in its scope, and not the domain of a chosen few, creativity and innovation still reign supreme. And though the private spectacle of gilded ateliers may be just a memory, generations have reaped the benefit of the magic!! Viva Scenes D’Atelier!!

—William S. Gooch

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Siren of the Sea


Who says going natural is the end all, be all look for summer beauty? Deep blues, vivid greens, and scintillating gold makes a bold statement this season. And combining those bold colors with a castaway, sea siren aesthetic gives a hint of mystery and allure. Remember, you want to always keep them guessing and vivid color this summer will give you that air of mystery that grabs attention and keeps them wanting more.

—William S. Gooch

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Ode to a Jersey Boy Band

JerseyBoyz (313)11The Temptations and The Beatles of the 1960s, Earth, Wind, and Fire in the 70s, Devo of the Punk Rock 80s, New Kids on the Block in the 90s, and  more recently, The Jonas Brothers and One Direction; all these boy bands/groups had their own particular sound and fashion perspective. From Earth, Wind, and Fire’s theatrical hieroglyphic-inspired, on-stage costumes to Devo’s art rock conceptual attire to New Kids on the Block’s mainstreamed hip hop gear, fashion and music have always been compatible bedfellows.

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons represented that time in pop music culture when musical acts dressed sharply, and a catchy beat, and four-part harmony reigned supreme. In this fashion editorial, Fashion Reverie references the elegance and sophistication of 60s boy bands while staying in step with what is fresh and trending.

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Russo’s Charm

JoeRusso (034)It is often quoted that it takes charm to open the door, and charm to keep the doors open. And one of the many things that Joe Russo has in his well-crafted arsenal of attributes is CHARM!! Acting craft is an essential component to working on stage or in film, but charm will make the bigwigs want to keep you around. And since Joe Russo is in this for the long haul, his charming disposition will serve him well for many years to come.

A Jersey boy himself, Joe Russo’s performance as Joe Pesci in Clint Eastwood’s soon-to-be released “Jersey Boys,” based on the Broadway musical mega hit, is authentic, nuanced, and well-thought out. With roles in in “Shut Up and Kiss Me” (2010), “Jersey Shore Shark Attack” (2012), and “It’s You Not Me” (2013), this breakout role in “Jersey Boys” may just be Russo’s ticket to the big time.

Fashion Reverie was fortunate enough to sit and chat with Joe Russo about his character Joe Pesci, his preparation for the role, working with Clint Eastwood, and of course the great music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

—William S. Gooch

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Men’s Spring/Summer 2014: Street Revelry

Street style has evolved from an aesthetic that conjures up images of urban culture to a style that expresses the moods and attitudes of a wide demographic.  From  East Coast to the West Coast to hot spots around the world, street style is individual and reflects the point of view and culture of the wearer.What stands out and demands attention is confidence, individuality and a fashion-forward sensibility.

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Model Spotlight: Diandra Forrest

Diandra_Forrest_FabMagazine_02The fashion industry is obsessed with what’s different and what’s next.  Over time, fashion’s new look or different point of view becomes normalized as the new normal or style with a twist.

Diandra Forrest’s appeal transcends traditional beauty or the fashion industry as we think we know it. With an oeuvre that projects futuristic fantasy, Diandra expands our minds beyond the tried and true.

Downloads265Diandra Forrest’s outré looks have attracted the attention of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, V Files, and Ralph Rucci. She has had editorials in Interview, Glamour, West End, OOB, and Portrait magazines. And Kanye West and Beyonce have cast her their videos.

Fashion Reverie Celebrity Style Editor Tijana Ibrahimovic sat down with Diandra and spoke with her about walking in Jean-Paul Gaultier’s fall 2014 show, hanging with Beyonce, and her pet peeves.

Our videotaped interview says it all!! Enjoy


The Aphrodisiacs of Life: Wealth, Power, and a Little Slap and Tickle

OpDecWhat really gets your motor going? For some it is power and money. And for most people, sex is right up there at the top of the list. Whether separately or as a triptych, wealth, power and sex has inspired great masterpieces of art and literature, ended relationships and brought down empires.

Still, wealth power and sex when packaged with great clothes makes you  standup and pay attention. And Fashion Reverie will get your attention and maybe get a rise out of you with our take on this power trio!!

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Bridal Beauty Trends for the Modern Bride


On that very special day, the modern bride wants to make sure that every detail is in place. From the perfect wedding location, to the perfect gown, to the perfect wedding cake, every thing has to be just right, even the makeup. Remember, for some brides this perfect day will only come once in a lifetime, and this day has to be the day of all days!!

Fashion Reverie’s Beauty Editor Janine Silver has curated the current bridal beauty trends to make that special day absolutely memorable. And with the special assistance of Miss USA Erin Brady, Fashion Reverie is confident that this bridal beauty editorial will not only turn you into a ravishing bride, but also make that special day unforgettable!!

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Model Spotlight: Devyn

Downloads184Are fashion reality television shows still relevant? Some would argue that they have outlived their popularity and usefulness; others contend that as long as the ratings are still good, there must be some merit.

Though some fashion reality shows have come and gone, America’s Next Top Model is moving into its 21st cycle and Project Runway is its double-digit season. The real viability test of these reality shows outside of rating wars is if the contestants gain any traction in the ever-changing fashion industry from their appearances. Some fashion chroniclers would say no; other fashion insiders might beg to differ.

Fashion Reverie is on the positive side of the chorus. During the recent New York Fashion Week, Fashion Reverie observed several models from reality television walking in the shows of Josie Natori, Betsey Johnson, David Tlale, Sally LaPointe, Love by Diego Binetti, Sergio Davila, and Desigual. And Project Runway alumnae Christian Siriano, Leanne Marshall, Michael Costello and Dom Streater all showed fall collections.

Collages279Devyn is one of those models beating the odds against fashion reality show obscurity. Since her win on the first season of The Face, Devyn has walked in shows for David Tlale, Sukeina, Cesar Galindo, Laquan Smith, Joanna Mastroianni, and as well international fashion weeks around the world. And she is still going strong.

On the eve of the premiere of the second season of The Face, Devyn talked with Fashion Reverie’s celebrity style editor Tijana Ibrahimovic about her appearance on The Face, balancing modeling and motherhood, and her continued upward mobility in the fashion industry.

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