Ode to a Jersey Boy Band

JerseyBoyz (313)11The Temptations and The Beatles of the 1960s, Earth, Wind, and Fire in the 70s, Devo of the Punk Rock 80s, New Kids on the Block in the 90s, and  more recently, The Jonas Brothers and One Direction; all these boy bands/groups had their own particular sound and fashion perspective. From Earth, Wind, and Fire’s theatrical hieroglyphic-inspired, on-stage costumes to Devo’s art rock conceptual attire to New Kids on the Block’s mainstreamed hip hop gear, fashion and music have always been compatible bedfellows.

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons represented that time in pop music culture when musical acts dressed sharply, and a catchy beat, and four-part harmony reigned supreme. In this fashion editorial, Fashion Reverie references the elegance and sophistication of 60s boy bands while staying in step with what is fresh and trending.

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