“Fashion Reverie Talks”: Episode 21

In Episode 21 of “Fashion Reverie Talks,” co-hosts Carl Ayers, Tijana Ibrahimovic and guest co-host Cameron Grey Rose detail relevant fashion news that can satisfy your desire need to stay in the know. And our co-hosts keeps their fingers on the pulse on what is going on in the fashion and beauty industries and brings that knowledge to our viewers.

In our Fashion News segment there is a discussion about Grand Slam winner Naomi Osaka bowing out of the 2021 French Open and being supported by fans, tennis colleagues, and fashion brands where she serves as brand ambassador. There is a discussion of Dolly Parton’s new fragrance “Scent from Above, and Savage X Fenty’s Pride collection. Carl Ayers extrapolates on his spring/summer 2021 roundup of men’s fragrance. And we bring back a “Fashion Reverie Talks” favorite, our Fashion Quiz. In this episode, we demonstrate the intersectionality of fashion and music in our Fashion Quiz.

Take the quiz along with our co-hosts, administered by R. Scott French. How astute are you? Let us know on our Instagram account, fashionreveriemag.


Fashion Reverie Talks: Episode 20

Episode 20 of “Fashion Reverie Talks” is very special. We were so honored to have Halston expert and former Halstonette Chris Royer on the show. Chris Royer spoke candidly with co-host Tijana Ibrahimovic about her relationship with fashion icon Halston, and what it was like to work with him and see his genius at work up close and personal. This was a special treat and should not be missed by our viewers.

Editor-in-Chief William S. Gooch spoke with co-host Cicily Daniels about his spring/summer 2021 party dress roundup. Co-host Carl Ayers spoke with Associate Editor Cameron Grey Rose some about great activewear from independent brands. As with all “Fashion Reverie Talks” episodes ,there was a lively fashion news segment that looked at Emmanuelle Alt’s alleged departure from Vogue Paris, Prada’s continued efforts to support inclusion and diversity in the fashion industry, and Naomi Campbell’s new baby!! The question is who is the father to Naomi’s new baby? Time will reveal the answer!!

With only two episodes left for the season, “Fashion Reverie Talks” continues to make strides, bringing its viewers all the great fashion news stories and inside scoops on global fashion.


Fashion Reverie Talks: Episode 19

In episode 19 of “Fashion Reverie Talks” co-hosts Carl Ayers, Cicily Daniels, and Tijana Ibrahimovic discuss Billie Eilish’s new look as seen on the June 2021 cover of British Vogue. The co-hosts also lend their expert opinion on the upcoming second season of “Making the Cut” and Andre Leon Talley’s revelation about top editors’ salaries at Conde Nast.

There is a wonderful and lively discussion between Carl Ayers and Cicily Daniels about Carl’s spring 2021 trend styleout. Fashionreverie.com Associate Editor Tessa Swantek is back for a second time discussing her very informative article of the current state of product placement with Tijana Ibrahimovic.

We round out this 19th episode with a round table discussion about the 2021 LVMH Award nominees. Carl, Tijana, and Cicily really know how to keep the fashion party going with lively discussions, nuanced perspectives, and charming banter.

—William S. Gooch

“Fashion Reverie Talks: Episode 18

In this 18th episode of “Fashion Reverie Talks” co-hosts Carl Ayers, Tijana Ibrahimovic, and Cicily Daniels give voice to Michael Kors’ 40th Anniversary spring 2021 collection, Judith Leiber’s “Ganesh bag” controversy, and John Christopher Roger’s CFDA/Fashion Fund 2021 nomination. Additional segments include Fashion Reverie’s Entertainment and Lifestyle Editor Cameron Grey Rose’s spring/summer 2021 movie selects, Associate Fashion Editor Tessa Swantek’s riveting article on TikTok fashion, and Editor-in-chief William S. Gooch’s interview with music legend Ernie Singleton.

As with all of our episodes, this installation is stocked full of insight, diverse perspectives and charm. Our viewers have come to expect detailed, nuanced, and informative points of view. And “Fashion Reverie Talks” never disappoints.


“Fashion Reverie Talks” Episode 17

In episode 17 of “Fashion Reverie Talks,” co-hosts Carl Ayers, Cicily Daniels, and Tijana Ibramovic have a lively conversation about National Poet Amanda Gorman’s Vogue May 2021 cover issue, Lena Dunham’s collaboration with 11Honoré, and Giorgio Armani’s potential partnership with an Italian holding company.

Other segments include a roundup of favorite bridal collections from New York International Bridal Week spring 2022 season. From emerging bridal brand PatBo to bridal favorite Gracy Accad to Jimmy Choo’s Atelier Couture surprising full bridal collection of 32 gowns, Tijana Ibrahimovic, Cicily Daniels, and Carl Ayers give expert analysis of these outstanding spring 2022 bridal collections.

Additionally, fashion publicist, designer, lecturer, and Parsons School of Design professor Scott French hosted an engaging and fun-filled fashion quiz. The questions in the fashion quiz were submitted by fashionreverie.com’s staff and editors.


“Fashion Reverie Talks” Episode 16

Who says a fashion magazine should only cover fashion? If you peruse all the big fashion glossy magazines, there is a lot of content within their pages that go beyond clothing and beauty. So, if Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire can do it, why can’t Fashion Reverie?

In “Fashion Reverie Talks” episode 16 co-hosts Carl Ayers, Cicily Daniels and Tijana Ibrahimovic bring their unified approach to all things fashion and their insightful take on industries that insect with fashion. During the “Fashion News Alert” segment our co-hosts comment on Elsa Peretti’s incredible contribution to the fashion industry with the over 30 jewelry collections for Tiffany & Co. There is also comment on Margherita Missoni departure from M Missoni, and Neiman Marcus acquiring some refinancing dollars.

Other segments in this episode include contributing editor Kristopher Fraser’s interview with Amber Chardae Robinson, who portrays Betty Coachman in the Oscar-nominated “Judas and the Black Messiah.” There is a lively and informative conversation between co-host Cicily Daniels and Kristopher Fraser about the film and Robinson’s role in the movie.

Additionally, co-host Carl Ayers conducted a fantastic interview with Brian McKnight, Jr. about his life, music, and family. True to form, our co-hosts bring their combined wit, charm and graciousness to some serious subjects, keeping our viewers well informed of all things fashion and much more.

William S. Gooch

“Fashion Reverie Talks” Episode 15

In this episode 15 of “Fashion Reverie Talks,” co-hosts Carl Ayers, Cicily Daniels, and Tijana Ibrahimovic discuss Alexander Wang’s continued sexual misconduct allegations, Under Armour releasing Misty Copeland from her brand ambassador responsibilities, and the controversy over Alexi McCammond’s appointment as Editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue. There are also interview segments with life coach, motivation speaker, and author Gary Quinn, top-charting R&B singer Miya Guggs, and Fashion Reverie associate editor Tessa Swantek discussion of how pantone spring 2021 spring colors, Schiaparelli pink and illuminating yellow, can influence mood and behavior.

True to form, the co-hosts bring lots of energy, charm, and great banter to these provocative and sometimes controversial fashion subjects. And this is what makes “Fashion Reverie Talks” unique. It takes great skill to accurately discuss and ponder subjects that some fashion pundits shy away from. Not so at “Fashion Reverie Talks,” our brand sets a standard for honesty and clarity; all done with wit and charm. Who could ask for anything more?


“Fashion Reverie Talks: Episode 14

This episode of “Fashion Reverie Talks” is all about New York Fashion Week (NYFW) fall 2021. Well, almost.

As with every episode of “Fashion Reverie Talks,” we start with our fashion news which comes from the fashion news alert on fashionreverie.com. That said, you must be living on Mars if you are not aware with the legendary Andre Leon Talley’s housing issues. Will Andre continue to stay in his Victorian digs in White Plains or will he hit the road? “Fashion Reverie Talks” co-hosts Carl Ayers, Tijana Ibrahimovic, and Cicily Daniels carefully examine Talley’s dilemma.

Other fashion news includes Chris Jenner’s potential beauty brands, and Megan Thee Stallion’s March 2021 Harper’s Bazaar cover. And with “Fashion Reverie Talks” it never just about fashion news, there is more stuff, lots of it!!

Did you watch Netflix’s “Bling Empire”? If you didn’t, no need to fret, fashionreverie.com Contributing Editor Kristopher Fraser conducted a revealing interview with “Bling Empire’s” Cherie Chan, the goddess of Chanel. Kris and Cicily Daniels discuss some of the interesting tidbits in the interview.

And lastly, there is a detailed, provoking NYFW round table. Watch out Bibhu Mohapatra, Anna Sui, Adam Lippes, Naeem Khan, and other NYFW fashion designers, our co-hosts, with great nuance, expound on what they liked and were not so fond of in your fall 2021 collections. Don’t worry, there was no shaming or shade. It was all admiration, well, mostly!!

—William S. Gooch

“Fashion Reverie Talks”: Episode 13

 For a lot of folks 13 is not a lucky number. Not so, for “Fashion Reverie Talks”: Episode 13. For “Fashion Reverie Talks,” the number 13 signifies that we are doing something right.

“Fashion Reverie Talks” launched in August of 2020 and six months later we are still here, despite a health pandemic that doesn’t seem to be going away, quite yet, and American insurrection, and the not-so-normal which is becoming the normal. Who would’ve thunk?

That said, in this episode 13, co-hosts Carl Ayers, Tijana Ibrahimovic, and Cicily Daniels bring to viewers an exciting episode that looks at fashion collaborations in 2021, models in 2021 that we should be paying attention to, and the unsung heroes of the fashion industry, black fashion designers. And true to form, “Fashion Reverie Talks” never leave out current fashion news.

Whew, that’s a lot!! Don’t fret, all this information is distilled to our viewers with charm, wit, and insightful detail. “Fashion Reverie Talks” not only keeps you informed; we also keep you entertained. Could you ask for more, hmm, probably not!!


“Fashion Reverie Talks”: Episode 12

In “Fashion Reverie Talks”: Episode 12 co-hosts Carl Ayers, Cicily Daniels, and Tijana Ibrahimovic discuss Naomi Osaka’s new gigs with Louis Vuitton and TAG Heuer, Amanda Gorman’s contract with IMG Models, and the Pentagon’s decision to allow female soldiers to wear their hair longer, don stud earrings, and paint their nails.

Cicily Daniels introduces fashionreverie.com’s Lifestyle and Entertainment Editor Cameron Grey Rose’s article “Crazy and Insane Stories from New York Fashion Week .” This is a very entertaining conversation about Carol Alt’s garment mishap, ceiling plaster falling on the head of Suzy Meknes, and goats gone wild at Miguel Adover’s 1999 fashion show.

Tijana Ibrahimovic interviews Supermodel Heather Payne about her illustrious fashion career and transition to founder and designer of PAYNE New YORK and Emerging Heroes. This interview is packed with great modeling stories and advice to models looking to transition to new careers.

Lastly, Carl Ayers interview menswear designer Nick Graham about his eponymous menswear brand, Joe Boxer, and his newly launched brand Airband. Nick Graham is full of charm, wit, great insight into where menswear is going in time of a pandemic health crisis and retraction.


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