Fashion Reverie Talks: Season 4, Episode 2

In this episode of “Fashion Reverie Talks,” there is an in-depth interview with American footwear designer Ruthie Davis and Fashion Reverie associate editor Kristopher Fraser discusses his article “Silent, but Deadly: Fashion Designers/Brands on the Rise.” As with all “Fashion Reverie Talks” episodes there is a lot of fashion news to spread around.

Our co-hosts Cicily Daniels and Tijana Ibrahimovic bring the laughter, whimsy, and all the goings-on in the fashion industry, keeping our viewers enlightened, entertained, and informed. If you like this video, don’t forget to like and subscribe.


Fashion Reverie Talks Is Back

“Fashion Reverie Talks” is back. In this Season 4: Episode 1 edition that marks our return we talk about great looks from the 2024 Met Gala. We also have a conversation with Season 20, “Project Runway: Allstars winner Bishme Cromartie about his fashion journey and his fashion design aesthetic.

With every episode co-host Cicily Daniels and Tijana Ibrahimovic explore current Fashion News. And in this episode, we examine unionizing at Conde Nast, Kendall Jenner’s new June/July Vogue cover, and Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie’s upcoming reality television show.

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“Fashion Reverie Talks”: Season 3, Episode 13

In this last episode of “Fashion Reverie Talks”: Season 3, we bring back our beloved “Fashion Reverie Quiz,” hosted by fashion publicist R. Scott French. Co-hosts Cicily Daniels and Tijana Ibrahimovic started off our last episode of the season with an extended Fashion News Alert.

There was extended fashion conversation about Edward Enninful’s new job outside of British Vogue, Jenna Lyons‘ new gig, Wes Gordon designing costumes for the New York City Ballet, and Gabriela Hearst leaving her post and Chloe. As with all episodes of “Fashion Reverie Talks,” there was a lot of information, cheer, and frivolity.

See you next season!!


“Fashion Reverie Talks”: Season 3, Episode 12

As we come toward the end of our season, “Fashion Reverie Talks” gives looks to the past and to the future. And nothing encapsulates a larger career in fashion than Karl Lagerfeld. And no current menswear designer has in pulse on the future of men’s fashion than American sportwear classics designer Teddy von Ranson.

As with all episodes of “Fashion Reverie Talks,” there is interesting fashion news. And this week we have fashion news around Pride Month. Fashion News Alerts detail Target pulling LGBTQAI products off its shelves, Calvin Klein’s recent Pride collection, and Ryan Gosling recent cover of GQ magazine.

With every “Fashion Reverie Talks’” podcast, co-hosts Tijana Ibrahimovic and Cicily Daniels bring charm, style, and in-depth content for our viewers. You don’t want to miss this!! We only have one episode of Season 3 left.


“Fashion Reverie Talks”: Season 3, Episode 11

Who would have thought that Martha Stewart at the age of 81 would grace the cover of the 2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue? Well, she did, and “Fashion Reverie Talks” co-hosts Cicily Daniels and Tijana Ibrahimovic discuss this amazing fact.

But that is not all. In this episode 11, Tijana and Cicily chat about Peter Do becoming the new creative director of Helmut Lang and Timothée Chalamet being the face of Chanel’s men fragrance Bleu de Chanel. Additionally, Marissa Wilson came on the show to talk about her vibrant, colorful spring 2023 collection and the design aesthetic of her eponymous brand. And Tijana Ibrahimovic spoke with associate editor Lauren Saint Pierre about his “Guys’ Night Out on the Town” article.

As with each “Fashion Reverie Talks” episode Cicily Daniels and Tijana Ibrahimovic bring joyous insight to all the happenings in the fashion industry. You don’t want to miss it, stay tuned!!


“Fashion Reverie Talks”: Season 3, Episode 10

In this episode of “Fashion Reverie Talks,” co-hosts Cicily Daniels and Tijana Ibrahimovic give their commentary on the 2023 Met Gala. The co-hosts are joined by Sydney Yeager as she detailed her article on the new pink Barbie trend that relates to the upcoming “Barbie” movie starring Margo Robbie.

As with every episode of “Fashion Reverie Talks,” there is scintillating and interesting fashion news. From our segment on the Kanye West and Adidas investor controversy to Duo Lipa teaming up with Versace to the new Karl Lagerfeld documentary, “Fashion Reverie Talks” never fails to disappoint always keeping our viewers informed.


“Fashion Reverie Talks”: Season 3, Episode 9

For this episode 9 of “Fashion Reverie Talks,” co-hosts Cicily Daniels and Tijana Ibrahimovic interview Skinny Mixes CEO Jordan Engelhardt about her low-calorie and zero calorie syrups and sweetners. came on the show and did a roundup of the spring 2024 bridal collections—Nardos Bridal, Ines di Santo Bridal, Ese Azenabor Bridal, and Madeline Bridal—from New York Bridal Week.

And of course, as we do with every episode, there is interesting, current fashion news. (Hugo Boss collaborates with the NFL, Tom Ford names successor, and the Woolmark Prize inspired by Performance Art.)

With each episode there is always relevant fashion news, inspiring fashion segments and joviality and humor from our co-hosts. They never fail to disappoint!! That is why consumers keep coming back.


Fashion Reverie Talks, Season 3, Episode 8

“Fashion Reverie Talks” is back!! After a three-month hiatus, the bi-weekly podcast/talk show has returned.

In this return episode, co-hosts Tijana Ibrahimovic and Cicily Daniels speak to Cape Verdean jewelry designer Alzerina Gomes about her new fall 2023 jewelry inspired by beads endemic to Cape Verde that were also used as currency for African slaves. editor-in-chief gave a preview of New York Bridal Week spring 2024 season.

There was also a conversation about Supermodel Adriana Lima returning to Victoria’s Secret, iconic French brand Mugler collaborating with H&M, and noted British fashion editor Michael Roberts’ homegoing.

True to form, “Fashion Reverie Talks” always keeps viewers informed of the goings-on in the ever-changing fashion industry. And we are back, better than ever.


Fashion Reverie Talks, Season 3: Episode 7

In this last “Fashion Reverie Talks” episode of 2022, co-hosts Cicily Daniels and Tijana Ibrahimovic chat about Fashion Reverie’s 2022 holiday stocking stuffers and R. Scott French hosted our end of the year fashion quiz. This last episode also includes a conversation about Sarah Jessica Parker’s collaboration with Fendi, the Lanvin Group’s New York Stock Exchange’s IPO, and Iman’s first British Vogue cover.

Though this is the last episode of 2022, our viewers can expect more in-depth fashion stories, news and fashion roundups in the new year. And as always co-host Tijana Ibrahimovic and Cicily Daniels will bring you all the news about the ever-evolving fashion industry along with great guests. See in you in 2023!!


“Fashion Reverie Talks”: Season 3, Episode 6

In this episode 6 of “Fashion Reverie Talks,” we talk about great holiday gifts for men and the men in your life and we also examine great holiday cocktails for the upcoming 2022 holiday season. Co-hosts Tijana Ibrahimovic and Cicily Daniels chat about the Balenciaga scandal and controversy, the second collaboration between Timberland and Jimmy Choo, and Rock n’ Roll icon Patti Smith’s Harper’s Bazaar December 2022 cover.

As we move into end of 2022, “Fashion Reverie Talks” is prepped and primed to bring you all the goings-on in the fashion industry. Just because we are in the last month of 2022, don’t believe it is all over. It aint over yet, and “Fashion Reverie Talks” will continue to bring you great fashion coverage up until the very end of 2022!!

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