Dippity Don’t Says: September 2023

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Happy start of Fashion Month, darlings!! As Fashion Month nips at our heels, Fashion Reverie has the tea pot hot and ready. Prepare your teacups, as Mr. Dippity Don’t have some treats for you.

A designer known for his blinged-out streetwear is currently in a battle with his building’s co-op board over his desired renovations. Many of his customers wonder why they have seen no changes to the store’s interior in months. Maybe they should talk to the co-op board, ha ha!! Let’s see how this battle between the designer and the co-op board goes.

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A top fashion executive, who recently departed this top Italian fashion brand has been rumored moving to a top French luxury brand. This would be a shocking move because the family that owns this brand has a tight grip on the reins. What’s brewing in the succession tea leaves?

This longtime American fashion designer is giving up his CFDA membership after a spat with the organization’s president. The powers that be would do well to treat these American fashion brands better, especially during these turbulent economic times in the fashion industry. Nevertheless, the show must go on.

A certain haircare brand owned by this top influencer is allegedly expanding beyond their haircare business in some good news. The likely products are skincare or cosmetics, but nothing has been confirmed, quite yet. However, product offerings beyond their haircare line are in development.

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This top fashion magazine known for its legendary New York Fashion Week party can’t afford to put on its usual soirée. We are hoping this legacy publication is only going through turbulent times, as it is one of the few remaining staples of fashion media. Oh, how the mighty are struggling!!

A notable American luxury department store was just shy of not being able to put on its annual September New York Fashion Week party, as their bottom line isn’t what it used to be. However, they were saved last minute by this major financial company providing sponsorship. Have friends, will travel, or at least get your hands and stomachs on on some hors d’oeuvres and champagne.

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One celebrity’s lifestyle brand has yet to still turn a profit, but somehow investors are still floating her money. However, it’s unclear how much longer the brand is sustainable. It’s looking like she’s trying to turn it into Uber where it’s too big to fail so her business doesn’t have to close.

Mr. Dippity Don’t

New York Fashion Week Spring 2024 Season Pre-Coverage

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When temperatures start to cool down slightly—well, not exactly this year—and students head back to school, you know that it is that time of the year, the start of a new fashion season. New York Fashion Week (NYFW) almost marks the start of a new fashion season, always taking place right after Labor Day.

Unlike Bridal Fashion Week, which shows collections a year in advance, NYFW shows the spring fashion collections in September, only six months in advance. And some NYFW collections are employing the see-now-buy-now business model in which consumers can buy garments right off of the runway.

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That said, like previous fashion weeks, some of the most well-known American fashion brands continue to present collections at NYFW, namely Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Proenza Schouler, Bibhu Mohapatra, Christian Siriano, Badgley Mischka, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, plus others. Additionally, there are fashion brands making their debut at NYFW week. The list includes Bugatchi, Mirror Palais, Priscavera, Nicholas Raefski, NARDOS, Connor McKnight, Zankov, Retrayage, Diotima, Kallmeyer, Ashlyn, and many others. In fact, this season there appears to be a significant injection of brands debuting at NYFW.

Fashion Reverie will be front and center bringing on viewers all the action from the runways and behind the scenes. Follow us and stay informed!!


Fashion Reverie’s Top Five Fall 2023 American Fashion Campaigns

Glance at the calendar and you might be in for a surprise—fall is almost here! As any fashion lover knows, with the fall comes the slew of September covers, Fashion Weeks around the globe and, of course, the stunning new campaigns. With so much happening in the next couple of months, it can feel difficult to keep track of everything … which is why Fashion Reverie is here, bringing the front row directly to you!

First things first, before the new fashion season starts, let’s talk about all the new campaigns. With each new collection that comes with the change of season, designers and large companies work hard to gather the attention of consumers. Now this is often done by social media; however, for the fall 2023 season consumers are blessed with the fall seasons fashion campaigns.

September always brings the best fashion campaigns. Below you will find Fashion Reverie’s favorite fall 2023 fashion campaigns. There are many to choose from, but for now Fashion Reverie has limited the ‘Top Five.’

Kendall Jenner for Calvin Klein

To sound like a 20-something that just got TikTok, this Calvin Klein fall 2023 campaign is awe inspiring. With Kendall Jenner as the focus of this campaign with its stunning array of black and white images and tag line of “For fall 2023, Calvin Klein redefines sensuality through scenes of pleasure and play.”

Take in the full (star-studded) fall campaign and your jaw drops. With Alexa Demi, Kid Cudi, and Jung Kook all taking part, the result has made this campaign one of the top 2023 fall fashion campaigns.

Pamela Anderson for Aritzia

Continuing the Pamela-issance that started after the release of Pamela Anderson’s Netflix documentary, the fashion industry has been giving Anderson lots of love. Sealing the deal is this Aritzia campaign. Shot at Anderson’s own home, this campaign showcases the former Playboy model’s favorite spots as she flaunts Aritzia’s new designs.

Icon campaign for Victoria’s Secret

Anyone that grew up on Youtube videos of the Victoria’s Secret runway shows will understand the true impact of this campaign. Debuting just after the announcement that the fashion show will be coming back for the first time since 2018, the ‘icon’ campaign headlines celebrated angels and models Naomi Campbell, Adrianna Lima, and Gisele Bundchen. Along with these iconic supermodels, models of this new era such as Adut Akech and Paloma Elesser are included, giving us all a taste of what’s to come as the brand works to change its perception.

Marc Jacobs with Kim Kardashian

Another day, another Kardashian campaign. This one is with Marc Jacobs, a designer who regularly has pop icons front his campaigns.

 Having a major entertainment figure front your campaign that has worldwide appeal is always a major bonus because it can draw in people from all walks of life. And who’s better to do that than Kim K? The modern images, filled with enlarged silver balloons and even some huge mary jane’s give off the perfect combination of both Marc Jacobs and Kim K’s personality! A true work of art.

Images courtesy of the respective brands

Carolina Herrera with Christy Turlington

As if this fall wasn’t already filled with star-studded campaigns, Christy Turlington posed in a stunning spread for new Carolina Herrera items. Particularly featuring the new insignia handbags of the company, the veteran model showed everyone just how stylish legendary chic can be.

—Sydney Yeager

Up and Coming Fashion Models to Look Out for the Spring 2024 Season

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The New York modeling industry is notoriously fickle. Hundreds, if not thousands, would claim themselves to be a ‘up-and-coming’ model in the city of around eight million people. Yet, there are only a few, at least in the fashion industry, that could truly be thought of as up-and-coming models. Those that qualify haven’t had just one stunning photoshoot for a brand, but several. They are claimed by ruling modeling agencies and have walked the runways for some of the largest designers during Fashion Week’s all around the world.

For New York Fashion Week (NYFW) spring 2024 season this September, Fashion Reverie has talked with model management agencies, researched the upcoming crop of models, and our picks are in. Below are the top eight models to keep your eye on the upcoming season.

Alay Deng

The key to being an amazing model is to add character to the clothing, and whether Alay Deng is the focus for an editorial or walking the runway, she manages to always add an extra layer of dimension to any look. Over the past few years, Deng has been gaining traction and has strutted the catwalk in not only New York Fashion Week, but also Paris and Milan. This season we’re looking forward to having her once again enter the sacred loins of New York Fashion Week. While we don’t yet know which shows she will be in, we’re all crossing our fingers in hopes she might again present for Marc Jacobs as she has in previous seasons.

Damian Finlayson

Finding a male model that has a dynamic and androgynous way of dressing might be becoming less rare, but that doesn’t mean it’s the norm. That is, unless you are Damian Finlayson, who has mastered the art of still looking masculine in the somewhat feminine looks that he is styled in. We’ve seen Damian walk in the Saint Laurent men’s show, as well as Vivienne Westwood, and Gucci under the directorship of Alessandro Michele. What’s next, you might wonder … wowing in New York!

Rose Pattenn

Already a NYFW native, Pattenn has walked in previous shows for Elena Valez, Vivienne Tam, and Raisa Vanessa—yes, the very same Raisa Vanessa who created a custom piece for the Beyonce Renaissance tour! This season there’s no telling what the striking model will be wearing, but without a doubt she’ll make our jaws drop.

Stephanie Quezada

There is something breath taking when a model is still able to keep a down-to-earth vibe while balancing a high-end life and Stephanie does this perfectly. Her fun and seemingly quirky attitude shines through every photoshoot and catwalk. Mainly based in New York, Quezada has modeled for Diesel, Laquan Smith, Prabal Gurung, and Marine Serre in recent years. Continuing to grow, we can look forward to seeing her on the runways of New York this fall.

Elizabeth Seibert

A bit more well-known is Liz Seibert. Going slightly viral on ‘modeltok’ in 2020, Seibert shares the less glamorous aspects of working in the modeling industry. Despite being open about these topics and sharing some of her recovery from an eating disorder on social media, she continues to gain traction within the industry and has started to walk for much larger brands such as Naeem Khan and Mouton Blanc in Paris.

Leissy de la Cruz

An international runway model that has stunned in all cities of ‘the Big Four’—New York, Paris, London, and Milan—it’s no shock that we’re looking forward to de la Cruz coming to NYFW this September. After walking in the Charlotte Knowles London runway last season and being cast in a Theophilio campaign, it seems like she could break the internet at any time.

Nariah Nicolle

Considered to be a doppelganger of Kendall Jenner, Nicolle has fought her way into being a well- known model during Milan Fashion Week. Hitting the catwalk for both Roberto Cavalli and Fendi Couture, she’s created quite the name for herself. The next step? Ruling the runways of New York!

Bastien de Bels

A male model prominent in Milan, Bastien de Bels has walked in runways for Emporio Armani and Fiorucci. Holding an equally prominent presence in the editorial world, de Bels brings life to advertisements. From a campaign for Replay to various Armani ads and GQ spreads, it’s exciting to observe de Bels create a solid place for himself in the industry.

—Sydney Yeager


Dippity Don’t Says: August 2023

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Happy August, fashion darlings. The last full month of summer is here, which means it’s time to use those vacation days, if you haven’t already.

While we know you might be craving a nice cold glass of iced tea, Fashion Reverie has some piping hot gossip tea to serve. We hope that your AC is on high with what we’re about to serve, especially after that heat wave. Without further ado …

This eveningwear fashion designer known for his red-carpet gowns went on an entire rant on social media because he’s been seemingly ex-communicated by the fashion industry. It appears stylists have stopped pulling his clothes and members of the fashion and entertainment industry have begun declining his social invitations. One day you’re in, the next you’re out. And, this designer may be out, out, out!!!

This publishing house, which recently laid off 41 staff members, is rumored to be folding this digital-only publication. It’s a tumultuous time for publishing, and while this publishing house has its share of top-tier publications, the profits being churned out aren’t enough to save this fledging title.

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This notable American fashion designer recently outed this financer involved with the CFDA as a loan shark. The shameful part is that the backer of many emerging designers and has been financing emerging designers/brands for years. He’s riding high and living the high life while many emerging designers just trying to get by. Shame, shame, shame!!

A particular long-time reality fashion series is heavily underpaying its current cast. With many of these designers living in New York, the pay scale is just enough an episode to pay for rent in a one-bedroom apartment and nothing else. Hopefully, this will lead to some good designer work for them afterward, in the six-figure range because their paychecks are pitiful.

Mr. Dippity Don’t

Yaku Stapleton’s Versatility Paves the Way for Futuristic Fashion

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Within the fashion industry, there are a finite number of designers that go above and beyond when it comes to creativity and versatility. With many fashion talents scattered around the world, Yaku Stapleton is one of those designers that is pushing the proverbial fashion envelope.

Stapleton’s philosophy on design draws upon Astrofuturism, a concept that explores the elements of science fiction and African mythology in support of black identity. It’s fascinating to see how Stapleton designs with expression and introspection of his own thoughts and personal identity. His work, although personal, shows how the future of design lies within the creator who is constantly striving to adapt and innovate to the changing world.

Images courtesy of dazed.com

Yaku Stapleton is from the cathedral city of St. Albans, just outside of London in England. He entered the university with a focus on geography and later ended up switching to fashion. When Stapleton got the opportunity to attend Central Saint Martins, a prestigious arts school in London, he further explored his fashion interests combined with personal aspects of his life. This included things like being with family, video games like RuneScape, card games, and the generalities of his life.

In February, Stapleton won the L’Oréal Professional Creative Award, the top honor for the Central Saint Martins’ MA fashion show for his 2023 collection. This show was presented during London Fashion Week and featured the schools’ most cultivated designers from their prestigious graduate program. Stapleton’s graduate collection, entitled “The Impossible Family Reunion in RPG Space: Research into the Afro-Futurism Movement,” envisioned members of his family as characters in the RPG (Role-playing Game) RuneScape. Each garment was beautifully designed and intricately built to perfection.

Stapleton’s fashion collections are not meant to be runway spectacles, rather an examination of the concept of living and designing beyond oneself. Each new design demonstrates the power of what can blossom by seeking out distractions from the unpleasantries of the world that encapsulates us.

Fashion Reverie: Family is a huge reference point for you in your work with clothes and furniture. Can you go into detail about those alternate realities that draw on inspiration from RPG games like RuneScape? 

Yaku Stapleton: When thinking about RuneScape, it was about thinking about the game itself and how the game felt when stepping into this alternate world. But, it was also about thinking how people around me felt at the time and then capturing that emotion of how they felt. My sister, for example, was quite scary when she was a teenager, and I was an annoying six-year-old. So, I channeled that emotion and then created characters that relay that sense of feeling and other characters of those people during that specific time in life. 

Images courtesy of Yaku Stapleton

FR: Once you take a character and give it inspiration, what is the next step in your creative process?  

Yaku Stapleton: When I created these characters, my thought was to translate the digital and abstract view of these different family members into real life. I wanted to find the balance between this super raw digital look and combine that with functional fashion that can be worn and be experienced outside of the collection itself. 

FR: What does your work aim to do in terms of creating a universal message?  

Yaku Stapleton: My work is constantly building on the past and so that really helps me to continue researching new aspects and ideas. The concepts for my designs came from looking at perception and scale of human form. 

FR: Can you discuss how you go about the conceptualization of your work between fashion and furniture? 

Yaku Stapleton: Furniture, specifically in the concept of fashion is quite interesting to me. It is important to look at how the concepts and ideas that I create, mainly in fashion, can then be applied to different practices that are outside of clothes since that transition helps you to see the strength of the concept itself. 

FR: How have you incorporated sustainability into your designs?  

Yaku Stapleton: The sustainable efforts began during the COVID-19 lockdown when I wasn’t earning money, so I needed to find materials. So, I was taking scrap wood and staple guns and using what I learned from past research of having an essence to carry things forward.

I was not necessarily aiming to be sustainable but after realizing few designers have that approach, I quickly began seeing a lot more intrigue surrounding that aspect of my work. Creating something that doesn’t look like waste adds another layer of telling people that you can design and create interesting things without destroying the planet. 

Image courtesy of Yaku Stapleton

FR: What can the fashion industry look forward to from you? 

Yaku Stapleton: Expect a summer capsule that’s direct to consumer. I want to build an understanding and provide some access to the pieces that I am working on now for summer. Beyond the summer collection, [people can] expect me to continue adding new reference points.

 I find it important to self-critique by examining what has been done before and continuing this expansion outside of just fashion. There are a lot of new people in my audience, so it would be nice to show people that I am continuing to adapt my approach to entirely brand-new concepts.  

—Ryan Salfino


Dippity Don’t Says – July 2023

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Welcome to fashionreverie.com’s new online segment, “Dippity Don’t Says.” Fashion Reverie will monthly you some of the fashion talk of the town bandied through the fashion industry grapevine. For those longtime fashion industry veterans, you’ll know that this industry is worthy of its own daytime soap opera (cue the theme song for “Bold and The Beautiful”). Prepare your plate as we serve up the hot dish for July.

Image courtesy of thewashiongtonpost.com

This top fashion magazine known for its viral celebrity covers and extremely toxic work environment is on the brink of filing for bankruptcy. While their editor-in-chief might be fine with his other fashion projects, who knows where that will leave their already underpaid staff.  While this publication is a cultural staple, given the state of media, will anyone want to take a risk and save it from insolvency? Hmm, maybe not!!

This menswear brand owned by an influencer is not paying its freelance designers. While delayed payments are not unheard of for freelancers in the fashion industry, this owner appears to be living a glamorous life distilled on Instagram. Perhaps he should take the money from his next Instagram partnership to fulfill his money owed.

Image courtesy of yahoo.com

A top influencer who comes from a celebrity family was passed up for a major fashion ad campaign and it seems racism was afoot. After being told she wasn’t a fit, the brand prepared to release an influencer campaign using no influencers of color. What a shock in 2023 after brands have allegedly committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. But have they really? Hmm.

This celebrity-owned fashion brand might be popular among its target demographic, but they aren’t generating the revenue to try and sell. After years in business and garnering the respect of the fashion industry and Orange County housewives, the owners of this brand are trying to find someone to sell it to. It doesn’t look like anyone is biting. Poor little rich girls!!

—Dippity Don’t

Fashion According to the Late, Great Tina Turner

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The late Tina Turner delivered every time she went on stage or appeared in a music video or red carpet. Especially notable style moments include: her early days as part of the Ike & Tina Turner Review, her unforgettable reinvention as a solo artist in the mid-nineties, a stint as a movie star in “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome,” a performance with Mick Jagger at Live Aid, countless concerts to promote her platinum albums in the 1980s and 1990s. Tina was a through and through fashion inspiration all the way up until her last concert at Sheffield Arena on May 5, 2009.

Ike Turner discovered the prim and proper 50s’ girl from Brownsville, Tennessee at one of his Ike Turner Review shows in Memphis in 1960, and immediately set about transforming Anna Mae Bullock, aka Little Ann, aka Tina Turner, into a stage presence. Ike began the stylistic process but record producer, Phil Spector, recognized Tina’s tremendous talent, and with his aid, the spotlight began to turn Tina away from Ike and to increasingly focus on Tina, the artist.

After their first hit record the Ike Turner Review was renamed “The Ike & Tina Turner Review,” and Tina’s unique look began to emerge. Although Ike had set her on the path, Tina began to stand out after she moved away from the gilded Ronettes-style gowns and kicked things up a notch, molding her own style. She began to don ultra-short dresses as well as daring slashed dresses, all with some glitter, of course.

Image courtesy of people.com

As time went on, she and her stylists added leather and denim to the mix. Collaborations with designer friends, Giorgio Armani and Azzedine Alaia, and later, celebrity fashion stylist, Wayne Scot Lukas, all contributed to make Tina one of rock and roll’s most exciting stage presences and a style icon in her own right. Tina’s look would change to accommodate current fashion trends, but never compromised her unique style for her over 50-year career.

Before we reveal Tina’s top ten looks of all time, a look into the star’s hair, and legendary legs, are in order, as all were key aspects of her on stage persona. Tina’s signature streaky brown, blonde hair came about because of a bleach job gone awry at a salon in St. Louis in the mid-sixties. Prior to that, she had styled her thick dark hair in updos. Ike wanted a new look for her and instructed the beauty parlor to “Get her fixed-up like Marilyn Monroe” which resulted in Tina’s newly blonde locks falling out.

The group had a performance that evening, and Tina wore a wig. The wig wasn’t blond, but over the years, she would wear some platinum blonde wigs, now and again. It was her shaggy streaky brown-blonde wig that would become her definitive signature hairstyle. Women around the world bought “Tina wigs,” none more famously than television host, Oprah Winfrey. Oprah even had Tina on her show, one time, to discuss the wig and her obsession with the style.

Tina’s stylist and visual consultant, Wayne Scot Lukas, worked with her from the mid-nineties into the next decade, and fondly remembers Tina’s wigs. Lukas says that he would walk into her room and see “50 Tina Turner wigs all lined up hanging” on a wall as she traveled on tour. She dyed and sewed her own wigs. She said nobody did it well. She’s like the rock and roll Betsy Ross. She would sit on the edge of that bed, and you’d see her with a needle and thread and scissors sewing her own wigs. It was amazing times.”

Tina’s long legs were another key part of her look, and were insured for 3.2 million dollars, according to www.nickiswift.com. These assets continued to be front and center, for the rest of her career. According to shoe designer, Donald J Pliner, who owned “RBCC” (The Right Bank Clothing Company), an upscale boutique on Rodeo Drive, Tina was a frequent customer. Pliner recalls, “Tina bought lots and lots of shoes., among them, Maude Frizon, a French shoe brand that was one of the hottest labels of the seventies.”  Stilettoes and fishnets also became signature styles over the years, and the heels got higher and higher.

And now, on to some of Tina Turner’s most iconic outfits.


1970appearance on Playboy After Dark, February 3, 1970.

Even back then, Tina understood the importance of wardrobe as part of her audience appeal. She appeared in multiple crowd-pleasing outfits on every television show she was on.

 She wowed the studio audience when she got on stage to perform in Hugh Hefner’s “Playboy After Dark,” in a fringed gold mini dress wearing a long side parted brown wig. Her backup singers, the also leggy Ikettes wore contrasting baby doll aqua and gold chiffon minis, and of course, high heels.

TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JOHNNY CARSON Photo by Fred A. Sabine/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

1970  appearance on Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson on November 25, 1970.

Tina strutted across the stage in a Pocahontas-style, fringed mini dress, also a style favored by Cher on their show, The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, that debuted on CBS in 1972. From then on, fringe became one of her style signatures.

Images courtesy of people.com and Getty Images

1971 – the start of Tina’s signature slits – Bob Mackie. In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, the fashion designer credits Tina with the idea of wearing shocking slits. Although he designed the sparkly white dress pictured here, she often resorted to budget shopping while in Europe.

“Tina didn’t have any money at the time; she’d buy these really cheap evening gowns in jersey [material] when she was in Europe and bring them in,” Mackie told Billboard. “I’d stand in front of the mirror with her and would just start cutting. She’d say, ‘a little higher here,’ and I’d cut and then we’d pull it open and tack it down.”

1978 – Bob Mackie’s “fire dancer” costume Tina was getting back on her feet and beginning her comeback as a solo artist. One of these events was her appearance in a nightclub act. Like her lavish feathered cape, the star herself had just walked through the fire and was beginning to rise again, phoenix like after leaving Ike in 1976.


1983 – What’s Love Got to Do with It was Tina’s eighth, and most famous solo studio album thus far, also served as the soundtrack for the 1993 Tina Turner biographical film released by Touchstone Pictures that same year. The film is a visual feast of the singer’s outfits throughout the course of her long career.

Image courtesy of Getty Images

1984 –All white was also sexy, accessorized with a black leather tie and shorter shaggy streaky hair, and of course, high heels. This more buttoned-up look that Tina wore on tour put the attention squarely on her unforgettable voice. One of her off duty looks was a fitted YSL pantsuit, also white.

Images courtesy of Istvan Bajzat/Getty Images

1985 Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome – Tina played “Auntie Entity,” the film’s primary antagonist, alongside “Max,” played by Mel Gibson, in another installment of what would become one of the most watched post-apocalyptic dystopian films of all time. Her outfits were created by Australian designer, Norma Moriceau, who was adept at making inexpensive materials look top of the line.  

Additionally, her song, “We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome),” was the hit theme song to the 1985 film, written for her by Terry Britten and Graham Lyle. Tina’s silver chainmail dress reportedly weighed an astonishing 79 pounds. She recycled the dress 30 years later and wore a similar (less weighty) version to perform in Madison Square Garden on December 1, 2008, just shy of her seventieth birthday. The 2008 version was classic Tina style, strongly resembling the black number she wore decades earlier on Johnny Carson.

Images courtesy of Getty Images

1985 The “Private Dancer” tour – the acid washed denim jacket, black leather skirt, fishnet tights, and black stilettos became a favorite of hers onstage and in music videos. It was at this time that she began to wear designs by Giorgio Armani and Azzedine Alaia. The latter is credited for dressing her for album covers, music videos, and red carpets.

Image courtesy of Pete Stills/Redfern

1995 – Silver sequin dress. The dress was a collaboration between Gianni Versace and stylist, Wayne Scot Lukas. Tina wore it while performing on stage at the start of her German Tour in Munich Olympic Hall, on May 30, 1995. The “dress,” was a top and skirt combo, covered in silver Swarovski crystals. The outfit was immortalized through technology at Miami Art Basel, when Lukas created a non-fungible token which was auctioned off by company ViciNFT on November 30, 2021.

According to a report from Page Six, the NFT included 111 images of model, Kara Young, modelling the dress (the first person wear it in 29 years). There were also original sketches and notes from Lukas and Versace’s collaboration, as well as a chapter from Lukas’ memoir about the origins of the dress, titled “Simply the Test.”

Image courtesy of Getty Images

2000 – Black shredded jumpsuit. Tina showed off all her assets in one of her most daring outfits yet to accept the NRJ Music Award in Cannes.

—Vivian Kelly

Spring/Summer 2023 Night Out on the Town Giveaway

Image courtesy of traveltriangle.com

Temperatures have warmed up, so are you and your homegirls and homeboys painting the town fantastic? If you are, Fashion Reverie has an incredible spring/summer 2023 “Night Out on the Town” Giveaway.

Send in your best photo of your guys, girls or a combination both “Night Out on the Town” spring/summer 2023 picture and Fashion Reverie and follow and subscribe to “FR Talks” on youtube. Winners will be rewarded with a 2023 spring/summer 2023 fragrance, 2023 spring sunglasses, jewelry from a top New York City jewelry designer, some footwear, and some spring 2023 streetwear. There will be first, second, and third-place winners.

To enter send your images (png or jpeg format) to giveaway@fashionreverie.com. Contest begins on June 7 and ends on June 23 at 7pm. Prizes include product from Alzerina Jewelry’s spring 2023 collection, some shades from Remo Tulliani, and product for Jordan’s Skinny Syrups.


Fashion Reverie’s 2023 Father’s Day Gift Guide

With the summer starting around the time of Father’s Day, Fashion Reverie is providing a roundup of gifts you can buy to show off your appreciation for that special guy in your life, whether he be father, husband or partner. Enjoy!!


Solo Titanium Beard + Body Groomer for $29.99

He can look his best when your guy grooms with the best shaving products. MicroTouch is the perfect match to fit any masculine look he wants to achieve. With products like the SOLO TITANIUM, offering full-body precision, ultra-flex pivoting head, built-in LED spotlight, and more great features, he’ll have everyone envying his grooming routine.

Vagabond shoemakers

Nate Sandals for $175

Stand out with a Father’s Day gift by getting your dude Nate Sandals. With a fashionable look, that is also simplistic, Nate Sandals are also comfortable.  Crafted with black leather, featuring a woven upper, adjustable velcro strap and padded insoles, this footwear will have him feeling the best.


The High-Top Sneaker in Woven for $325

Looking to elevate the man in your life’s shoe game in true fashion? Taft is the perfect footwear gift. This sleek footwear features hand-woven cross-stitched leather that’s sure to turn heads everywhere your guy goes. Stand out with this gift with these sneakers you can only find at TAFT.

Tom Ford

Solid Toweling Shawl Collar Robe for $990

Give your father one of the greatest feelings ever, comfort. This shawl collar robe with solid toweling will have your father feeling like the embodiment of cozy. Coming from a brand like Tom Ford, it’s no surprise the level of comfort this robe can provide.


 T Timeless Briefcase in Leather Medium for $2,525

Exude a simplistic style either at work or while traveling with this Tod’s briefcase. Made in Italy, this briefcase comes in elegant leather with wide external pockets, coated metal T Timeless accessory, double tubular handles, adjustable and removable shoulder strap accomplishes all you need in a briefcase in the most stylish way possible.

Calvin Klein

Metal Modified Rectangle Sunglasses for $188.10

With a Father’s Day gift that’ll have him looking cool in these shades, the amount of swag he can unlock is limitless. Designed with a modified rectangle shape, these CK shades feature structed geometric styling. These shades are made with a metal frame and 100% uva/b sun protection tinted lenses are detailed with adjustable nose pades for unmatched comfort.

Images courtesy of the respective brands

Dolce & Gabbana

Intenso Eau De Parfum for $70

You can call this Father’s Day gift heaven scent. A richly sensual, modern fragrance, Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Intenso Eau de Parfum embellishes the virility of the man who wears it. For just $70, this fragrance exudes elegant masculinity from within.

Lauren Pierre-Louis

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