Ines di Santo Bridal Fall 2024

If you have ever been to an Ines di Santo show you are confident that she will always deliver great bridal fashions. And her fall 2024 bridal collection was no exception.

“Whether it is a sultry corseted silhouette or a soft and flirty A-line, my interpretation in the way I cut and sculpt my gowns is to make my brides feel their absolute best. I want to celebrate and honor women from all walks of life, and the greatest compliment I receive from my bride is when they tell me they felt strong and confident on their wedding day,” explained di Santo.

And she overwhelmingly accomplished that goal with her fall 2024 bridal collection. This “modern perspective” collective gave voice to the ever-changing landscape of bridal aesthetics juxtaposed against modern architecture, as well delivering to the modern consumer a collection that speaks to the needs of modern brides.

That modern bridal consumer will be aptly satisfied with this fall 2024 collection that hinges on di Santo’s use of innovative interior construction married with the brand’s utilization of transparent layers over frameworks of corsetry. These combinations of structure and innovation have created voluminous shapes and silhouettes that embody modern femininity and sensuality. These combinations will sit well with di Santo’s modern consumer.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

Though this collection had slightly less gowns than in previous outings, there was no shortage of innovation and glamour. And as in previous collections, di Santo dresses her bride at every jointure of her nuptials.

With this fall 2024 bridal collection, Ines di Santo continues to prove that she has her fingers on the pulse of what modern bridal consumers are looking for looking with an additional fashion-forward sensibility that will have brides coming back for me. Bravo, Ines di Santo!!

William S. Gooch

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