Kate Spade Spring 2024

There has been much conversation about the future of the Kate Spade brand since the designer’s untimely death a few years ago. Based on the brand’s spring 2024 collection shown on New York City’s famed Highline, all is good and well with the brand.

Tom Mora and Jennifer Lyu, both design directors at Kate Spade, had a specific direction for this spring collection. Though having spring as an inspiration for a spring collection is not much of stretch, for Mora and Lyu look to that specific day in spring when cold temperatures peel away to more temperatures spring weather.

This collection presented very sophisticated classic spring looks against the backdrop of a still quite verdant Highline. Image a casual walk in Central Park just as the weather warms as you show off your sporty style, that is this spring 2024 collection.

There is nothing extraordinary or innovative about this spring collection; however, this collection is crafted so well and is styled so well many consumers will flock to have some of these garments in their spring wardrobes. And this collection is quite classic, there are several items that will appeal to young consumers.

Images courtesy of L’Officiel Malaysia

Mora and Lyu stay true to the brand’s design DNA by bringing back the Noel Print from 1999. The Noel Print has been revamped and added an infusion of youthfulness to the spring collection. And by including vintage varsity cardigans and sweaters to the collection, Mora and Lyu added a special blend of Americana to a collection that included separates that look great on an early spring day.

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