SIXDO Spring 2024

Does a spring collection need to include garments made of lightweight fabrics—cottons, light tweeds, lightweight denims, and diaphanous silks, chiffons, and organza? Not if you are SIXDO. You get all that, and a lot more!!

If you are SIXDO you don’t adhere to strict policy around which fabrics are appropriate for spring collections. And for their spring 2024 collection this Korean-based fashion brand employed a wide swarth of fabric choices that extended to light wools, tweed, brocade, feathers, taffeta, cottons, silks, and heavily embedded fabrics.

Interestingly for its debut collection, the audience was chalked full of folks wearing black and red with variations of rosettes on their garments. At first glance, one would have thought that this was a tribute to Christian Lacroix. Not so, SIXDO’s creative director Do Manh Cuong infuses rosettes and floral embellishments in a lot of his creations, so the audience mirrored his design aesthetic.

When it comes to the brand’s debut, Do Manh Cuong pulled out all the stops, with some of the best models in the industry presenting his spring 2024 collection to a New York audience that was packed to the rafters with fans and fashion industry professionals. Do Manh Cuong understood that if you are coming to debut your collection at one of the largest fashion markets in the world, your presentation needs to be on point and spectacular. And that is what Do Manh Cuong did. He delivered, and then some!!

SIXDO’s spring 2024 show turned out to be one of the best shows of the New York Fashion Week season with variation after variation on floral rosettes, polka dots, and ruffles. All accomplished with a mostly neutral palette with splashes of variations on carnation, red, and pink.

There is so much to wonder and choose from in this spring 2024 outing with a huge range of silhouettes and design aesthetics to pick from. And though this collection contained 50 garments, this collection was incredibly cohesive.

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Keep up the good work Do Manh Cuong!!

—William S. Gooch



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