Dell Scott Spring 2024

After presenting the last few seasons in Los Angeles, Paris, and Dubai, luxury label Dell Scott returned to New York to present their spring 2024 collection. The ‘anthos’ collection by the womenswear designer is a 20-piece collection of jaw-dropping formal wear. Named for the word flower in Greek, the designs were colorful, aromatic, and ravishing.

Using a mix of satins, sequins, and tulle each item moved with the model. These flowing and thoughtful designs brought a playful sensuality to New York Fashion Week where many of the collections seemed to target Gen Z’s taste for gender-neutral dressing.

Drawing on the floral name of the collection, the color palette was bold and bright. Rich blues transitioned themselves to jewel-tone purples, vibrant pinks, and the ever-crucial black. With white and gold as immortal details added throughout the Grecian-influence was clear. Small accessories and sleek ponytails wrapped in delicate ribbons also gave away the influence of the Mediterranean Sea.

With each color transition, there was a mini, knee-length, or gown option in the hue. Each of these items flowed easily together, some slightly different than the previous and the others completely new silhouettes.

Images courtesy of Dell Scott

Dell Scott, beautiful collections are not new. Established in 2015 by the American-born designer of the same name, the brand is based around empowering women to embrace their femininity. Using high slits, striking necklines, and form-fitting silhouettes every garment penciled out by Scott embraces the essence of the female form and this collection was no different. See our favorite looks below!

—Sydney Yeager





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