DUR DOUX Spring 2024

For spring 2024 the mother/daughter design duo not only brings sexy back; the design duo has brought sexy back in pink and variations on pink, coral, carnation, and oragne. This collection entitled “Sous-Marine,” draws inspiration from the beauty and fragility found in underwater life. And this fragility is ever more evident as we deal with the perils of global warming. The native Floridians are very connected the water and sea life and the need to preserve and protect it.

The 34-looks in collection are made the eco-friendly and sustainable of fabrics of Italian knits, such as Salamander Ibiza knit and the exclusive ‘Brain Coral’ knit, Neptune Coral and Sea Grass mesh, Flamingo crepe and satin, Conch Shell printed cottons, Nudibranch swim knit, and dazzling micro sequins. And the collection comes in the color palettes of ombre pinks-reds, ombre greens-whites, salamander, cool beiges-browns, and sea blues.

This spring 2024 collection is for consumers that wants to lay back, chill and relax in a tropical locale, and also show off those toned sexy bodies. And a sexy body you need to pull off some these looks.

The concentration on a color palette that included variations on the color pink work well with the pink color trend seen in many spring 2024 collections. And this collection has retail value and will appeal to a large demographic.

The collection includes flowing kaftans, floor-length shirts, skirts, pants, mini and maxi dresses, ruffled bandeaus, bralettes, camis, and the debut of one and two-piece sustainable swimwear and beachwear. That said, the design duos commitment to sustainability is made evident in the eco-friendly and OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, ensuring that their creations have minimal environmental impact. This commitment fits in nicely with the Green Show’s initiatives, which DUR DOUX was a part of,  on sustainable fashion and lifestyle choices.

Images courtesy of Seventh House PR

Next season it would great if the brand chooses a better venue than the one used in this outing, and choose models that are better at showing off the garments. Hopes springs eternal!!

—William S. Gooch

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