Kevan Hall Spring 2024

You will never hear from industry professionals that Kevan Hall doesn’t know how to produce a fashion show. Whether it is a runway show or a presentation, Kevan Hall’s fashion collections are always presented with sophistication, creative verve, and with consumers and fashion industry professionals in mind.

And there was no exception, in that respect, for his spring 2024 presentation. For this presentation Kevan Hall produced a runway presentation with models presenting his spring 2024 collection on a small runway several times, giving industry professionals and guests ample time to view his latest collection.

This production harkened back to fashion presentations and runways of the 1970s and 80s where models were lot more animated, interacting with the audience, and showing off the garments to best effect. There was no Pat Cleveland twirling down the runway; however, the models seemed very pleased to present this latest collection.

This spring 2024, “Cote d’Azur,” collection draws inspiration from the refined and sophisticated era of Deauville, France, during the 1930s, where the epitome of fashion was showcased along the promenade by models donning the creations of leading designers.  (Remember, the legendary Coco Chanel started her millinery business in Deauville.)

At Deauville, we also experience high jewelry first worn with a laidback casualness by wealthy socialites. And Cannes is quite close to Deauville. With Cannes being noted for his red-carpet glamour during the Cannes Film Festival, Deaville and Cannes are combined to shape Hall’s trademark aesthetic that can be seen in every detail of his spring 2024 collection.

As with all Kevan Hall collections this spring 2024 collection is very retail friendly. Hall uniquely understands what modern consumers are in the market for each season. And this particular season Hall knows that women want comfortable clothes that evoke great style with a fashion-forward sensibility. And this sensibility is reflected in Hall’s employ of the versatility of the jumpsuit which pops a few times in this collection.

This spring 2024 collection borrows heavily from 1970s silhouettes. This reference point fits in nicely with the colorful, refined era of 1930s Deauville inspiration.

Images courtesy of VERY New York

Standout looks in the collection include, but are not limited to, Cote d’Azur grand plaid trench coat, embroidered Deauville striped shirt and high-waist pant, multicolor Deauville embroidered stripe jumpsuit, Cote d’Azur plaid shirt with textured yellow split pant, and the multi-floral bouquet sequin dress with illusion back.

—William S. Gooch

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