Kobi Halperin Spring 2024

If you have worked in the fashion industry long enough, you are familiar with all the banter around which fashion collections have retail value or which collections are brilliantly creative for creative sake. Hopefully, fashion collections are balanced with both retail value and creativity; however, that is not always the case.

HALPERIN’s spring 2023 collection contains both retail value and creativity. And the brand should be proud that has obtained that delicate balance.

For this spring 2024 collection creative director Kobi Halperin was inspired by the art of Sigalit Landau. “For this collection, I drew inspiration from the captivating artwork of Sigalit Landau in her exhibition “The Burning Sea.” Her presentation involved soaking objects in the Dead Sea for extended periods, crystallizing them with salt. Each item emerged refashioned and revitalized in striking and unexpected ways. The dynamic, sparkly layers produced stunning transformations of composition and detail,” explained Kobi Halperin.

“With a background rooted in Jerusalem and Eastern Europe, Landau’s work resonates with my own. There is the memory of time, place, and form, seeped in history and tradition, deep and fundamental and tempered by struggle, yet unafraid to embrace growth and change through a hopeful and dynamic vision of the future. That vision now confronts the disruption of climate change, where human action has drawn nature’s response, which in turn will draw our own. As we do so, we will rebuild, recreate, and renew, as with Landau’s layers of salt.”

This collection is quite large with several garments organized according to the spring 2024 color palette of the brand. And this collection is extremely retail friendly, dressing consumers at every jointure of their day. Evidence of this is how well HALPERIN is doing in retail stores, especially Bloomingdales.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

What also stands out in this spring 2024 collection is that this collection has retail appeal to a very wide consumer demographic, particularly women of all ages. Kobi Halperin has his finger on the pulse of what his consumer wants, creating garments that would appeal to his base while adding in elements that keeps his base fashion forward.

—William S. Gooch

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