Falguni Shane Peacock Spring 2024

The British brand Falguni Shane Peacock has been absent for the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) landscape since Lincoln Center for the central venue for NYFW. And they have been sorely missed!!

Each season fashion industry professional anticipated the beautifully embellished, well-crated collections from the British/South Asian husband and wife design duo. And when the much sought-after brand stopped presenting during NYFW, there was an empty wasteland once occupied by Falguni Shane Peacock’s creative genius.

Well, the husband wife creative duo is back, and back in a big way. Where in past collections, the brand’s creative milieu set solidly with that downtown fashion diva who was not afraid to take risks, this season the brand has expanded beyond its consumer of five years ago. Now, the brand has market appeal to that international hip chick who parties and showed off her personal style all over the world, from Paris to Dubai to Miami to Barcelona to Sao Paulo to Cote D’Azur to those very special VIP parties in New York City.

The newly invigorated brand used celebrity stylist Law Roach to assist in projecting a new identity, moving the brand away from that glammed up, edgy downtown girl to the international glamazon who has the deep pockets to afford luxury streetwear. In most cases this new direction was a success; however, some garments failed to register the projected new branding.

The most failed aspect of Falguni Shane Peacock new direction, titled 2.0, was in the shoes of this collection which had many of the models tediously tiptoeing down the runway, some without success. And while many of the looks in this spring 2024 collection adequately reflected the new direction of the brand, some of the garments had too many elements, resulting in a hodgepodge of disjointed ideas.

Falguni Shane Peacock was most successful when they paired streetwear hoodies and sweatshirts with their glammed, embellished pants and skirts. Still, one wonders how much market value this new direction will bring to the brand. Though there is that international younger consumer that wants to be blinged out on almost every occasion, would that consumer look to Falguni Shane Peacock for their glammed-out fashion needs.

Images courtesy of theimpression.com

That is yet to be discovered. That said, the spring 2023 collection looks great and leaves consumers and industry professionals wanting more.

—William S. Gooch


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