Editors’ Pick: THRILLS Brings a Thrill to Consumers

THRILLS, an Australian brand, has launched its new collection “Paradox” to shape a brighter future for lifestyle fashion. Defined by the culture that created it, THRILLS is embodying the inspiration of out with the old and in with the new. This brand doesn’t follow trends, they make the trends.

This Paradox collection is characterized by its effortless force to bring out a raw approach in their element for their fabrics and quality. This a testament to this brand’s determination to pave the way for higher quality pieces that allows you to be stylish and comfortable at the same time. With the choice up to you with rocking either the bomber or vest, you can still look your best when you go out.

Exude a bold yet effortless vibe that’ll set you apart when you go out with this outfit. You can even keep it cool when there’s a cool breeze ahead with THRILLS Legion Sherpa Jacket accompanied by the Legion Carpenter Pants with the Barrio 6 Panel Cap.


Including a unique range of accessories such as an antique brass collection to spice up your outfit, these pieces will allow you to stand out wherever you go and will have head turns just at your accessories alone.

Taking simplicity to a whole new level, this brand’s development is exceeding expectations. Rocking a dune Minimal Tote for your belongings when you go out, or a casual beanie, you’ll be embodying THRILLS’ mission when you go out.

Lauren Pierre-Louis

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