Editor’s Picks: Seven Sleek Outfit Options for Spring Weddings

Weddings celebrate love and devotion to that very special person. That said, weddings also celebrate the union of two families. And when invited to a wedding, whether as a guest or a member of the wedding party, it’s important to pay attention to your outfit. As wedding season starts this spring and invitations start to find their way to you, it’s important to have a few items you can pull out of your closet. Most of the time you’ll find that dresses are what’s recommended to you for these formal events. However, if you’re someone that prefers to buck the trends, opting for a pantsuit or sleek romper is another great option.

As tree blooms take hold in many parts of the country, natural or floral tones are a great option for colors. In this article on the most highly covetable spring wedding dresses, we focused exclusively on the colors of pink and blue. Each of these options were popular on the spring 2023 runways for this season and with the upcoming “Barbie” movie, pink has become a color that no one can get enough of. These colors are great for every skin tone, but if you are interested in a different hue, these items come in several color variations.

Below are the top seven items that Fashion Reverie is confident should be in your closet—and maybe packing into your suitcase if you end up on a couple’s trip to Vegas.

BEBE Strapless pink bandage gown, $259

Apart from the bandage material of this hot pink dress, the silhouette is timeless and elegant. Just check the wedding invitation carefully before wearing this one or consider if your host might wear it. While it is well-covered and stunning, the bodycon silhouette can be too much for conservative church and family members. If other’s opinions worry you or a cold breeze is enough to make you shiver, this dress does pair well with cropped jackets or a loose shawl.

Hutch Sabrina Strapless V-Neck Pleated High-Low Gown, $280

Anthropologie’s designs never cease to amaze. This pink hue is perfect with Barbie-core on the rise again. With the high-low design and pointed cups of the bra, this dress has a sharp design that is extremely attention-getting. Apart from the rich color and silky fabric, the pleats dropping from the waist in a high-low design accentuate the female figure to make you feel beautiful.

Banana Republic Italian Blue Wool Suit, $270

Whether the wedding is outdoors or indoors, the sky-blue wool of this suit is a tone that easily compliments various backgrounds. Soft, subtle and a perfect piece for layering the vest style of the top makes, this is a great go-to when it comes to events in warmer months of the year.

Child’s Tutu du Monde dress, $129

It never hurts to have an idea of what your child is going to wear to the wedding ceremony. If you happen to be stumped on how to find an item that is playful, elegant, and still suitable for a child, this option from mytheresea.com is a great choice. The shimmering dress has multiple tiers of tulle that makes it fit for a princess.

Lulu’s Give It a Twirl Blue Metallic Sleeveless Tiered Maxi Dress, $89

Why must nice dresses always cost so much? This is the question that the online boutique Lulu’s answers. Two dresses on this list come from their site. The ‘Give it a Twirl’ dress is a rich blue with multiple tiers of metallic fabric. It is not exactly what you would call simple, but it’s a fun, playful option. Almost the adult version of the BEBE child’s tutu except for the difference in fabric and richer tone, these dresses could be a prime mother-daughter photo opportunity.

Lulu’s Beyond Exquisite Gown, $98

Just under $100, this beautiful gown is sure to make a statement without upstaging the bride. Available at Nordstrom’s, this dress is an item that could be worn again. Made with two color variations, the metallic dress is a loose column dress with a thigh-high slit and V-neck top to give a hint of sexiness without giving it all away!

Images courtesy of the respective brands

BEBE Illusion mesh panel wide-leg jumpsuit, $138

Not in the mood to wear a dress? Culturally that is no longer a problem. Apart from the suit on the list, this jumpsuit is the choice to make when you don’t want to float around in a dress all day.

Still chic and feminine, the mesh design makes the garment more appealing. The rich black tone also sets this garment apart from the others on this list. Perhaps you can say it’s to mourn your friend getting married; however, add a few pops of color and you won’t look like Wednesday Adams.

—Sydney Yeager






  1. Yes, it is recommended to wear thin and loose dresses for summer weddings. The wedding occasion is a more formal occasion, and it is very appropriate to wear a maxi dress.

  2. Yes, you can also come with a feather dress, luxurious and unique, showcasing your charm all through it.

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