Esé Azénabor Bridal Spring 2024

The Bridal Council has its finger on what many brides want, and in the U.S, brides are demanding more diversity and inclusion. And the Bridal Council is responding to this clarion call.

Dallas-based, Nigerian fashion designer Esé Azénabor is one of the answers to this demand. As were Rami Al Ali and Nardos Imam, adding to the Bridal Council deliberate push toward diversity and inclusion.

“We are excited to showcase in our first-ever Bridal Fashion Week, introducing our couture runway collection ‘Essence.’ I chose to create the ‘Essence’ line to really show what inspired me to become a designer which is creating lots of texture. From fabric manipulation, Swarovski crystals, to Ostrich feathers, and 3D floral patterns. Creating real-life texture such as the countless hand-beaded pearls for our one-of-a-kind brides. This runway collection elevates a form of uniqueness and innovation that we cannot wait to bring to our brides,”explained Esé Azénabor.

Esé Azénabor debut collection at New York Bridal Fashion Week took place at the brand’s new boutique on 91st and Madison. This luxury bridal boutique takes up about two thirds of the block which made a presentation at New York Bridal Fashion Week facilitate housing dozens of fashion industry professionals.

With models standing on a pink carpet outside of the boutique in luxurious bridal gowns, the extravagant bridal spectacle caused quite a scene of the Upper Eastside with tourists and Upper eastside residents crowding around the models on the street, taking pictures, and marveling at the brand’s high-end bridal creations.

And as the outsiders wondered and marveled at Esé Azénabor’s bridal compendium on luxury and glamor, so did the industry professionals inside of the brand’s boutique. That said, as is reflective of cultural trends in Nigeria where native consumers go in for embellishments and an abundance of glamorous statements when they dress up for events, so did Esé Azénabor employ this point of view in her bridal creations.

This is not a bridal collection for the bridal wallflower or conservative bridal consumer. This is a collection for a bride that wants to make a statement, where wagging tongues will talk about the bridal gown for seasons after the nuptial ceremony.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

This new bridal boutique in New York City’s Upper Eastside mirrors it sister boutique in Dallas. And a men’s luxury jacket and tuxedo boutique—from Don Morphy, the Dallas-based, Cameroon designer is set to open later this year on 91st and Madison.

Esé Azénabor keep the luxury, high-end bridal creations coming. The Upper Eastside is all the better for it!!

—William S. Gooch

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