IN EARNEST by Byron Lars Fall 2023

Though IN EARNEST by Byron Lars’ fall 2023 collection is a smaller collection compared to previous outings, it is no less of an important collection that continues to push the trajectory of the brand in the right direction. And the trajectory of the brand runs parallel to a reinvigorated women’s movement calling for equal pay, reproductive rights, and giving the modern women her fare due in society.

Inspired the power of the modern women, particularly the brand’s consumer base, Lars looked to heroic female icons for his fall 2023 collection. “My [fall] 2023 collection is all about valiant femininity with clothes that harken to a kind of heroism as I see it,” states Byron Lars. “While American women mobilize to defend their reproductive rights against draconian legislature, it’s no wonder I imagined clothes for them that would evoke images of an epic crusade the likes of which we are collectively on in this moment.” 

Each piece of the IN EARNEST by Byron Lars fall 2023 collection is powerfully feminine with details that harken back to the days of medieval armor, but modernized in Lars’ deft hands to be ready for the modern-day runway (aka: wherever a modern woman walks). Like a faux chain mail cardigan, fortified with tiny filagree motifs, that has an alluringly unexpected transparency and doubles as an interesting dress. Each piece is so deeply inspired that one is not certain if they are looking at a couture piece from the latest runway show, or a piece that was just on display in a historic museum exhibit. The result is a collection that is layered with inspiration, layered with story, and layered with fashionable possibilities.

What stands out most vividly about this collection is Lars’ masterful ability to borrow silhouettes that well known and update those silhouettes for the modern woman, particularly his consumer. Medieval armor becomes much more than armor, but a compendium of a modern woman strength while remaining stylish and fashion forward. Additionally, Byron Lars is one of the few current American designers that has the ability to find the symbiosis between fashion, culture, and politics.

Images courtesy of VERY New York PR

Lars never ceases to demonstrate his design craft and acumen. And we have come to expect his genius and brilliance every season!!

—William S. Gooch



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