The Blonds Fall 2023

The Blonds, oh The Blonds, what better show to come at the end of New York Fashion Week (NYFW). If one of the closing shows of NYFW should be a sellout and bombshell of a show, then no show fits that bill better than The Blonds. And The Blonds closed out NYFW in a bedazzled, bejeweled fashion.

Inspired by the sex kitten vixens of the 1960s and Hollywood movies that promoted and supported that kittenish aesthetic—think Ann Margaret, Tina Louise, Sharon Tate, and even Jane Fonda in “Barberella’’—this collection was an in-your-face tribute to 60s sex sirens. That said, gamine models with big bouffant hair and cinched in waist were at the top of the menu for this fall 2023 collection. And as with all of The Blonds’ shows, there was glitz and glamour galore.

“It’s all about celebration of color, sparkle, glamour. And this is sort of a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor, one of our style icons. And the idea of falling in and out of love,” explained David Blond. And though this Elizabeth Taylor homage—she did love her jewels—was more of the 60s bombshell path of Ann Margaret and Jill St. John there was a measure of restraint and reserve to this collection that has sometimes been missing from other fashion outings.

What was most noticeable about this fashion collection—other than the brand’s obsession with gemstones—was the construction of the garments, which was a major step up from the construction and design in some previous collections. No hot-glued, encrusted bustiers and headpieces on this fall 2023 runway; the garments appeared very well designed and constructed.

Standout looks in this collection include, but are not limited to, a two-piece emerald-green velvet dress with big jewels on the bust and below the stomach on the bunched-up skirt. a mini purple Y2K-inspired sequin dress paired with knee-high Louboutin heels, a white cowl-hooded dress with an asymmetrical slit up the leg with a diamond-shaped jewel in the center, and a structured black mini-velvet dress lined with silver jewels and a purple jewel on the bust of the dress.

Images courtesy of Purple PR

Is New York City nightlife or any major city nightlife ready for The Blonds post-pandemic? Probably not, but they should be. So, get ready!!

—William S. Gooch 


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