INHERENT Fall 2023

The fall 2023 season marks the debut of INHERENT during New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Though primarily a menswear brand, INHERENT creative director Taylor Draper did present some women’s look in this fall 2023 outing.

Inspired by classic English tailoring, New York streetwear, and Ivy League styles mixing them all in a manner that only Draper can, Draper created his own unique blend of timeless and modern fashion under the INHERENT moniker. This successful mix of styles and silhouettes demonstrated that the brand can hold its own in a New York sportswear market.

The collection was constructed from wool, cotton, and cashmere suitings, twills, plush corduroy, and shirtings, with a serious dose of butter soft knitwear that showed up draped in thought provoking ways to create a feeling of accessible avant-garde. His rich color palette of moss and forest green, chocolate brown, and midnight navy, with a few other colors added in for accents, creates a sense of warmth and comfort during the colder months. The range of styles and silhouettes ran the spectrum, from traditional blazers and trousers to contemporary streetwear inspired pieces, all crafted with the highest quality materials.

That said, if there was one drawback in this collection it would be the choice of male models. Though there were a few male models that were good choices for this New York debut, there were several models that seemed out of place and did not show the garments off well.

Choosing to go with models that were closely reflect the brand’s male consumer base is not a bad idea if those models understand how to present garments well. However, if they don’t—which was the case in this outing—the garments don’t have the ultimate impact. When it comes to the female models, the choices were excellent with the models—whether standard size or curvy—showing off the mostly masculine silhouettes well with sassy style and panache.

Images courtesy of VERY NY PR

In this debut collection, Draper aptly demonstrates that classy staples can be stylish and fashion-forward. Bravo INHERENT!!

—William S. Gooch


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